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After living a completely normal and very active lifestyle, my life changed overnight and for the next 18 mos., the only reason I'd leave the bed and my home was for a doctor's appointment in pursuit of an answer to my incapacitating fatigue and many other physical problems which out of the clear blue sky kept attacking various systems of my body. My husband dragged me to various specialists at some of the top medical centers in the United States - to no avail! I thought that I was dying from some unknown disease and there was no one who could help me! To say the least, I FELT DESPERATE!! Finally, I was given the diagnosis of CFIDS by a local diagnostician! Now, my problems had a name so I felt more in charge of my life! Unfortunately, however, he did not know how to treat this illness so now, I had to find out if there was anyone who did have a treatment plan. Off to Florida we went because our research told us that there were 2 CFIDS specialists located there, but to no avail!

At this point, I thought that at age 59, my life as I had know it had permanently changed and I had no control over all of my physical problems! That is until I had the good fortune of hearing about Dr. Nash Petrovic from the Internet and 2 acquaintances who were already experiencing success from his protocol. I followed it very conscientiously and after only 4 months on his Program there was already noticeable improvement of several of the 35 symptoms on his Questionnaire which I had checked off with at least a "1" in intensity. After 6 months, I began seeing many of my symptoms improve on a permanent basis. By the year end mark, I was AMAZED at the fact that most of my symptoms were non-existent.

Due to continuing to have problems relating to fatigue, I continued on Dr. Petrovic's program for another 17 months which I used by weaning off gradually so it lasted for about another 2 years. I now realize that part of this lingering fatigue was also being caused by a low thyroid level that I began to have.

At this point, I would rate my success at 100% for all of the 35 symptoms that I was suffering from due to CFIDS and at least an 85% improvement in the fatigue department. Due to my thyroid imbalance, it has been difficult to measure how much of the fatigue is coming from which problem, but I feel quite certain that most or all of it is NOT any longer coming from the CFIDS because I almost never wake up tired in the mornings and can feel very rested after a night's sleep or/and from a nap in the afternoon. It is a different type of tiredness, thank goodness!

I have been in contact with others who have been diagnosed with CFIDS and I firmly do not believe that there is another program that exists
that can compare to the success rate of Dr. Petrovic's Protocol. There are a lot of people who claim they have various cures, but to my knowledge, another one just does NOT exist! Dr. Petrovic does a good job of answering your concerns and questions, giving you easily understandable responses, guidance and support as you need it. I agree that his protocol of Mega-doses of Anti-Oxidants and Micro-Nutrients runs into a lot of money, but personally, I cannot think of anything more precious in life than your health and I mean having good health, so since DR. PETROVIC GAVE ME MY GOOD HEALTH BACK, IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY! We should all feel extremely fortunate to have found out about Dr. Petrovic. I KNOW I AM!!!

Personal note to Dr. Petrovic:

Dear Dr. Petrovic,
I hope all is going well with you et al. Please let me know what you think about "My Testimonial" - hope that you like it and plan to add it to your new Web Site!

Take care and, THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER! I will plan to keep you abreast of how I am doing from time to time and pray that my progress will continue and be a permanent fix!

Nancy Urbach

P. S. Please send all responses and communications to me via my home computer email address as follows: nburbach@cox.net

Christmas greetings from a grateful USA patient! December 2006

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