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We wish to express our deepest gratitude to:

  • My Medical University Professors Arthur C Guyton (USA) , Prof Peter Karlson (Ger), Prof Dr Simic (Yu) for their phenomenal academic input as well as to my Dad a former CEO of a large EU corporation that manufactures products for human nutrition for channelling my
    scientific interest towards new research in respect of antioxidant micronutrients.
  • All our UK, RSA, USA ,Canadian and Australian CFIDS patients for their undivided support. We shared very much in their joy of recovery from their long term illness!
  • Mr. Roy Collins who pioneered implementation of Dr Petrovic’s Protocol in Australia . After his granddaughter’s recovery from CFIDS on Dr Petrovic’s programme, Mr. Collins founded Petrovic Protocol Association in Australia and started issuing a newsletter about Dr Petrovic’s outstanding research in the CFIDS field. Thank you Roy! nulgerong@westnet.com.au
  • Thanks also to Roy and Eileen Collins for their assistance in proof-reading these pages.
  • Mrs. Jan Morey and her daughter Emmylou who recovered from her long term CFIDS on Dr Petrovic's CFIDS Protocol in RSA . In 1997 Emmylou's recovery story was featured on BBC Panorama channel as well. Mrs Morey and Emmylou can be contacted on :
    E-mail : janmorey@onetel.net Tel/Fax : 01983 754 859
  • We wish to express our deepest thanks to Mrs. Kamm from Hawaii ( E mail: "The Kamms" < knlk@aloha.net > )whose daughter completely recovered from CFIDS, for keeping the Hawaiian CFIDS patients and the CFIDS Association of America updated about Dr Petrovic's protocol.
  • Prof Dr Terence Kilroe Smith, former Director of the RSA National Institute for Occupational Health and Toxicology and publisher of 85 papers in prestigious medical and biochemical journals world-wide for his enormous scientific input and support a well as for his
    objective and analytical approach.

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