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Dr K J Magee (UK)
Mr.Steven Terrace (USA)
Dr Brian Liebovitz (USA)
Dr Mathias Rath (USA)
Dr Stevan Cordas (USA)
Dr David Jackson (USA)


Dr K J Magee

Letter from Emmylou's Physician


PO40 9DT

Tel: (01983) 753433
Fax: (01983) 753662

10 July 1997

RE: Emma Louisa Morey
Jan Mayen, Clayton Road, Freshwater, I W

This is a brief summary of Emma Louisa's medical history up to date.

In 1986 she developed a probable viral illness with sore throat and lymphadenopathy. More or less ever since then she has had intermittent symptoms of flu, extreme lethargy, sleepiness, and multiple aches and pains. Her exercise tolerance gradually deminished up to the point where she could only walk very short distances without help. She missed prolonged periods of school as she could not cope with the work load.

She was extensively investigated both at St Mary's Hospital and Southampton General. The only definitive finding was mild asthma. I gather her parents have tried several alternative treatments over the years without much success. When I saw her in February this year she had lost weight, looked unwell, and needed help to walk.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her next on 7.7.97 that she seemed to have made a full recovery! She seemed bright, animated, to have regained her former weight, and appeared to be in rude health. She informs me that her exercise tolerance is now back to normal and she is determined to make up for lost time. She and her parents attribute her remarkable success to a treatment prescribed in South Africa comprising of huge doses of anti-oxidants and dietary modification. Whatever the reason for her recovery she certainly seemed dramatically better.

Dr K J Magee

Mr.Steven Terrace

The results of Dr. Petrovic are unconceivable of the best American standards. Dr. Passwater and I are very impressed by his results."

Leading British Nutritionist
Mr. Steven Terrace

Dr Brian Liebovitz

"I congratulate you on the use of the multiple - nutrient/antioxidant mixtures. There are very few health professionals who have come to recognize what I believe to be painfully obvious; that aggressive nutrient therapy can treat virtually all age-associated diseases. The results you described and some of the case reports which accompanied your letter would be of the interest to many individuals in the United States."

Journal of Optimal Nutrition USA
Dr. Brian Liebovitz PhD* Editor

Dr. Brian Liebovitz is the chairman of Optimal Nutrition USA which consists of 135 of the most distinguished American specialists, doctors and researchers. He was a co-worker of the double Nobel prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling.

Dr Mathias Rath

It was very encouraging to hear from you about the successful development of the highly beneficial supplement - bioantioxidant programme for the heart disease."

Health Now USA
Dr. Mathias Rath, Director

Dr. Mathias Rath is the leading USA researcher in the cardiovascular field. He was a co-worker of the double Nobel prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling.

Dr Stevan Cordas

Extracted from a message from
Dr Stevan Cordas DO MPH <sco338@airmail.net>
dated 26 Mar 1999

As a second generation Serbian American physician living in Texas, I congratulate you on producing a protocol that truly helps this disorder. Using IV vitamins, aggressive oral antioxidants and occasionally acyclovir for herpes 6 positives, I have also assisted many CFIDS patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Two of my failures have responded to your protocol. As I am a holistic physician certified as an immunologist and internist with 30 years experience. If I can be of any assistance to you in the future in monitoring or advising patients regarding the Petrovic method please let me know. I have a small CFIDS center here and would be glad to advise patients to use your method more often.

Dr David Jackson

Contact : " David Jackson, MD" <DJACKSON@nwhsea.org>
On 2 Sep 99, at 18:07, David Jackson, MD wrote:
From: "David Jackson, MD" <DJACKSON@nwhsea.org>
To: "'longvita@yebo.co.za'" <longvita@yebo.co.za>
Subject: Brooke Balas

Date sent: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 18:07:53 -0700
Dear Dr. Petrovic,
Here is the file you couldn't open.
David Jackson MD


S: She comes in for a recheck on chronic fatigue syndrome. She continues under the treatment of Dr. Petrovic and she reports that he wanted me to e-mail him on her status. She has now been on treatment for almost six months.

I had last seen her in April when she had a URI. Typically a URI would make her chronic fatigue flare-up significantly for weeks. This time,
however, she had increased fatigue for only a couple days and recovered from the URI quite quickly. Overall she is markedly better. She now ranks her daytime fatigue at about a 4/10, when she was a 10 previously. She is typically sleeping 9-10 hours a night, down from her previous 10-12 hours. She is also no longer taking two-hour naps like she was doing daily previously. She has considerable more stamina and energy to help take care of her 2-year-old. She is doing a lot more activities with the 2-year-old now, and taking a lot more trips. She now sleeps quite well which is also a marked improvement. She has had no recurrence whatsoever of the intermittent fever or swollen glands that she used to get. She still gets some occasional muscle aching but this is probably 90% better than it used to be.

O: Pleasant cheerful female in no distress. BP 110/78, pulse 60. She appears well rested. MSK: She still has some very slight tenderness at
both lateral epicondyli. However, the multitude of other trigger points that she had previously have all completely resolved. A&P: CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME. Markedly improved with Dr. Petrovik's treatment. The patient reports that the plan is to continue this for at least another six months. I concur with that. Although she is clearly markedly improved, she is still not 100% yet. Copy of this note to Dr.