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CFIDS Protocol contacts in Australia

Mr. Jason White  
E-mail contact: oneonone23@hotmail.com
Tel : 03 533 41292
Mrs. Margaret Lambert  
E-mail contact: marg@margaretlambert.com
Mrs. Kim Sarenic  
E-mail contact: Sarenic1@bigpond.com
Christopher Stanko  
E-mail contact: chris@projectsoftomorrow.com

CFIDS Protocol contacts in the United Kingdom

Featuring of Dr Petrovic's successfully recovered patient on BBC Panorama programme

All prospective UK patients are advised to contact:

Mr.Gary Winn (architect)  
E-mail contact: gary@progressionarchitects.com or thedairy@globalnet.co.uk
Contact Tel / Fax : +44 01564 730 191
Website: www.progressionarchitects.com
Mr. Peter Paveley  
E-mail contact: paveley@aol.com
Ruth Pike  
E-mail contact: ruthcpike@o2.co.uk

CFIDS Protocol contacts in the USA

Mrs. Char Benson Gilchrist
Chemical dependency counsellor and Marketing Director of New Beginnings on:
E-mail contact: chargilcrist@gmail.com
Contact Tel: 612-418-1427
Ms. Sandra Silliman
New York based non practising clinician who has been closely involved with various USA National Research Foundation Programmes on CFIDS on:
E-mail contact: sansillman@gmail.com and pittiechick59@gmail.com
Contact Tel: 605 622 5069
Dr Dan Powers MD
Medical doctor from Denver, Colorado on:
E-mail contact: danpowers2016gmail.com