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FAQ - About the Programme

1. What does Dr Nash Petrovic's programme protocol contain?

It is a complex mixture of over 200 synergistic microantioxidant compounds, which exercise the following clinical effects:

  • Neutralization of free radical species
  • Preventing formation of free radical species
  • Modulation of the immune response
  • Modulation of the inflammatory response
  • Reparation of the cellular damages previously produced by free radicals.
  • All ingredients are either in a tablet or a microcapsular form and easy to swallow.

2. Does the programme contain any scheduled drugs? Is it toxic?

The programme does not contain any scheduled or toxic substance and can be administered in children with CFIDS as well. The CFIDS Protocol does not have any side effects and/or adverse reactions . In case that it is therapeutic indicated, the CFIDS Protocol can be safely administered with any other medication simultaneously as well.

Prof Dr Kilroe-Smith, an expert in medical biochemistry, publisher of 86 research studies in prestigious medical journals world-wide, former Director of the RSA National Institute for Toxicology and Occupational Health and member of the local Medical Council has certified that Dr Nash Petrovic’s CFIDS Protocol is :" completely natural , non-toxic and without any side effects or adverse reactions and absolutely safe for human consumption".

Petrovic CFIDS Health Center is also formally registered with the US FDA in terms of absolute safety of the treatment programme.

3. What is the overall success rate of the procedure?

According to Prof Dr Kilroe-Smith international ‘98 Study as well as his other studies the procedure reaches almost 100% success rate in-patients with ‘pure’ CFIDS . CFIDS patients that suffer from other, i.e. non CFIDS related underlying medical conditions such as for instance auto-immune problems, usually take longer to recover and completely stabilise.

Prof Dr Smith describes this highly successful treatment programme as a highly effective cure for CFIDS.

4. What is the overall relapse rate upon completion of Dr Petrovic's programme protocol for CFIDS?

As assessed from 1994 the overall relapse rate has remained zero (0%), which is an extremely important scientific and statistical finding that confirms very high therapeutic reliability of the CFIDS Protocol.

In order to ensure optimal status of their immune system and other organs all patients are advised to continue taking the prescribed maintenance programme upon completion of the CFIDS Protocol. Maintenance programme provides excellent biochemical protection against environmental insults that include air pollution and radiation as well.

Since 1994 numerous formally diagnosed CFIDS patients have undergone the treatment with excellent therapeutic results and without any set-backs and/or relapses in their post-recovery period. The first CFIDS patient who was treated in 1994, Mrs. Estelle Meyer ( referred to Dr Petrovic by Prof Dr Mayers from Medical University in Pretoria) has been without any relapses since her complete recovery from CFIDS for already 16 years as per 1994- 2010 observational period.

5. Are relapses upon completion of the CFIDS Protocol possible?

This remains a theoretical possibility only, as up to now not a single genuine relapse with return of all CFIDS clinical signs and symptoms has been reported. Occasional clinical 'set-backs' caused by administration of various potentially toxic scheduled drugs, premature aerobic type of excessive physical activity, administration of substances with oxidative properties, exposure to high level of environmental pollution and radiation or secondary infections have been reported by several patients. These set-backs form almost an integrative part of recovery process especially in out of hospital type of patients who continue with their professional and private activities, whilst undergoing the treatment. In more than 95 % of patients who continue taking the maintenance programme, these set-backs completely normalise and do not re-appear despite dramatically increased professional and other type of activities in post recovery period.

FAQ - During the Programme

1. How long does this programme last?

The CFIDS Protocol consists of 3 therapeutic phases , i.e. initial highest therapeutic potency phase, follow up and maintenance program.

Generally speaking, all non-bedridden patients and patients without secondary superimposed autoimmune and/or other underlying medical conditions recover within 6-9 months of the CFIDS Protocol. Bedridden patients may require longer administration of Dr Petrovic’s program (6-9 additional months). Patients on scheduled drugs with psycho-active properties may require longer administration of treatment in order to completely stabilise. It is also realistic to expect that patients who start working whilst still undergoing the CFIDS Protocol, may require longer treatment compared to other patients

All patients are advised to continue with a small range of essential micronutrients/antioxidants after their recovery in order to counteract environmental and the other sources of free radicals.

2. Do I have to follow any specific diet during Dr Petrovic’s programme?

Not at all. It is the programme that reverses CFIDS and not any specific diet. However, small dietary modifications such as slight reduction of red meat, white sugar and white flour based products are recommended.

3. I can not stop smoking. Will I still recover using Dr Petrovic’s programme?

Yes you will. However your recovery process might take a bit longer than in patients who do not smoke.

4. Do I have to stay in a hospital during Dr Petrovic’s programme?

Not at all .The program is completely non-toxic and based on completely natural ingredients without any animal products involved. As from 1994 there has not been a single reported side effect or adverse reaction during the programme. As all ingredients come in a tablet or capsular form it is easy to administer this programme at home.

FAQ - Obtaining the Programme

1. What is the first step towards obtaining this programme?

The first step is to complete and submit on-line diagnostic CFIDS Questionnaire form for a preliminary assessment. This form is available on both USA and UK websites on:

USA website: https://www.cfidshealth.com/questionnaire.html

The completed form can be also faxed to: +27 11 465 6651 or +27 11 467 4614

Also please inform Dr Petrovic whether you have been previously diagnosed with CFIDS and if you did by whom?

2. How long will it take to get an answer from Dr Petrovic?

Dr Petrovic responds to all e-mail enquiries within 48 and 96 hours only, depending on his international and local professional schedules.

3. How much does this treatment cost? How do I arrange the payment?

The cost of the CFIDS Protocol depends on individual biochemical customization of treatment. For additional details as well as for information on payment options please contact Petrovic CFIDS Health Center

Several insurance companies have decided to cover the cost of the treatment , depending on their assessment of patients' ongoing costs of chronic medication for CFIDS and total 'disability' costs that vary on an individual basis versus combined cost of the Protocol and minimal costs of patients management after successful recovery from CFIDS. If the Protocol is prescribed by a local physician, there is a realistic possibility that patients' local insurance companies / medical aids will consider reimbursement of the amounts paid for the treatment.

4. How long does it take to receive the programme after ordering it?

It usually takes 12-25 business days to complete the process of production of the CFIDS Protocol, 7-9 business days for international priority airmail delivery and 2-4 business days only for international courier delivery.

FAQ - General

1. How frequently does Dr Petrovic require to update him on my therapeutic progress? Will he advise me if I do not understand anything pertaining to the treatment procedure correctly?

Once per week by fax or e-mail. Patients are required to send a subjective estimate/numeric assessment of their CFIDS symptoms/physical signs contained in the CFIDS Questionnaire form. All advises and consultancies are provided on a continuous basis during the treatment programme and patients are not additionally charged for this service.

2. When was Dr Petrovic’s CFIDS Protocol administered for the first time?

The CFIDS Protocol was administered for the first time 16 years ago in 1994 in almost completely bedridden RSA CFIDS patient, E. Meyer who had suffered from CFIDS for more than 10 years. Prior to embarking on Dr Petrovic’s CFIDS Protocol she had been treated by many specialists, including top medical experts from the Medical University of Pretoria. All previous treatment failed to improve her condition. She reported remarkable improvements on Dr Petrovic’s CFIDS Protocol after 96 hours only and complete recovery from all CFIDS symptoms and physical signs in app. 6 months. Since her successful and complete recovery from her chronic and incapacitating illness in 1994, she has continued her career in a professional business capacity in Johannesburg. Around 2000 she emigrated to Australia where she opened a successful private business. She has been without any relapses since 1994, i.e for already 16 years as per 1994-2010 observational period.
FAQ - Support

1. My local doctor is extremely interested in Dr Petrovic’s programme. Can he monitor my recovery during Petrovic’s Protocol? Can he prescribe any other drug or can I use any other drug during Dr Petrovic’s protocol programme?

Yes, it could be extremely important that a local heath provider monitors patients’ progress on this regimen in terms of the CDC CFIDS criteria. This objective monitoring can exclude any possible negative subjective interpretations of individual patient’s reactions and encourage them to persevere with the programme, especially in bedridden CFIDS patients or patients who experience slower therapeutic response to the treatment programme initially.

There is no interference between any of the Petrovic’s CFIDS Protocol constituents and any other drug on the market today. However if administration of antibiotics is indicated, patients are advised to stop Dr Petrovic’s programme for as long as they take their antibiotics.

2. My health provider and members of my support group claim that there is no ‘cure’ for CFIDS. What do I do?

CFIDS is a highly reversible condition. Please get in touch with previous patients and contact people as specified above and get as much information as possible about Dr Petrovic’s programme.

FAQ - International

1. Why is Dr Nash Petrovic located in RSA and not in North America?

Dr Petrovic is in RSA because he did his initial CFIDS research there. His next project will be launching of similar clinics based on successful CFIDS Protocol approach, in Europe and possibly , USA in the future.

2. Does Dr Petrovic treat international patients?

Yes, Dr Petrovic has been treating CFIDS patients from all around the world since 1995. Most of his international patients are from the USA, UK and Australia. The overall success rate in terms of complete and permanent recovery from CFIDS is exceptionally high and the same for both local and international patients.

3. Can I contact Dr Petrovic’s patients in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and other countries?

"I have read Dr Petrovic's patients’ testimonials on his web site and they sound very impressive, however I would still prefer to contact his patients in person."

Many patients have given permission to be contacted directly via e-mail and/or telephonically and their contact details are available as per request. Primary international contacts that can provide contact details of many other patients in their countries are listed in The CFIDS Protocol Contacts in Various Countries page.


1. Is CFIDS contagious?
No it is not. However if members of the same social group or family have been exposed to the same negative environmental, biological or biochemical factors they can develop CFIDS

2. Can CFIDS be treated with antibiotics, antidepressants, tranquilizers, immunoglobulins, buprenorphine-HCL, Ampligen, antifungal or homeophatic medicine. Can it be treated with rotational diet or with the 'anti-candida' diet? (elimination of certain dietary products that stimulate fungal growth). Can fasting 'cure' CFIDS?

None of these drugs/substances can address the real cause of CFIDS - systemic oxidative stress. All these drugs provide temporary relief or no relief at all. Patients who experience symptomatic benefits from these drugs have to continue using them on a chronic basis and also have many limitations as far as their diet and fully active life style are concerned. Some of these drugs exercise tremendous damaging effects in the long run.

Rotational diet and elimination of certain dietary products can assist CFIDS patients with fungal overgrowth to feel better, however as this approach does not essentially address all factors which cause systemic oxidative stress it fails to produce full recovery from CFIDS. Fasting can help to eliminate free radicals (3-methyl cholantrene etc.) from the large intestine/lower bowel/ and it can help CFIDS patients to feel much better on a temporary basis only. As fasting can not neutralise reactive oxygen species/free radicals and modulate the immune response on a permanent basis as soon as patients presume with their ‘normal’ or even re-structured/rotational diet etc. CFIDS symptoms re-appear.

3. Can various psychological approaches, reverse therapy etc. cure CFIDS?

Although various psychological approaches may have a temporary beneficial effect on patients neuro-vegetative system, they can not reverse CFIDS as they can not :

A) Replenish crucial micronutrient deficiencies

B) Exercise substantial modulation of the immune response and quantitative and qualitative improvements of neutrophil functional responses. This type of quantitative and qualitative modulation is however, precisely described on antioxidant programmes by Dr Boxer, L.A. in his " The role of antioxidants in modulating neutrophil functional responses" Adv. Exp Med Biol, 262: 19-33,1990.

C) Neutralise systemic self perpetuating oxidative stress as described by Washington Medical School expert, Dr Pall.

4. Has anybody else confirmed Dr Petrovic’s findings?

Prof Dr Terence Dr Kilroe-Smith, former Director of the RSA National Institute for Toxicology and Occupational Health and publisher of 85 papers in prestigious medical and biochemical journals has been monitoring and mentoring Dr Nash Petrovic’s work for years. He has personally interviewed many patients including Dr Petrovic’s overseas patients. His scientific reports are available on:

The Australian National Centre for Digestive Diseases confirmed full clinical reversal of auto- immune Chron's disease in a former Australian National basketball representative (Jason White) who underwent the CFIDS Protocol. Full reversal of Chron's disease has been also confirmed via endoscopic and histological examination / biopsy in two RSA patients. These are unique and exiting medical findings that confirm very powerful immunomodulatory properties of the CFIDS Protocol that can apparently successfully address certain auto- immune entities as well. Clinical reports on these recoveries are available on:

In the beginning of 1998, Canadian Pilot Study was launched in a group of several selected bedridden CFIDS patients who did not respond to any treatment procedures in the USA and Canada. All patients ( 100%)responded to Dr Petrovic ’s programme, reporting excellent therapeutic responses and recovery from CFIDS.

Many physicians around the world confirmed excellent therapeutic responses and successful recoveries of their local patients who underwent the CFIDS Protocol as well. These doctors include Dr Jackson ( USA), Dr Cordas (USA) Dr McGee (UK ) and other specialist physicians whose medical findings/reports are available on our web sites as well

5. Apart of the extended number of the originally recommended CDC Atlanta CFIDS criteria contained in the questionnaire is there any other laboratory way to diagnose CFIDS?

University of Newcastle research team /Australia/ provide ‘Bioscreen’ tests which show statistical high correlation between CFIDS and the appearance of certain urinary metabolites such as amino-hydroxy-N-methyl-pyrrolidine (CFSUM1), unidentified urinary marker CFSUM2, tyrosine, beta-alainine, acotic acid and succinic acid. The abundances of CFSUM1 and b-alanine were positively correlated with the CFIDS symptom incidence and the ‘core’ of the CFIDS symptoms.

Abnormalities in the 2-5A synthetase/RNase L and PKR natural antiviral defense mechanisms in extracts of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in individuals with CFIDS have been reported as well./University of Temple, Philadelphia/.These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that the clinical and immunological dysfunction observed in CFIDS can be explained in part by the reactivation of one or more viruses and subsequent dysregulation of the immune system. Similar abnormalities were reported in several other conditions and reported abnormalities do not appear as ‘specific’ for CFIDS as the urinary markers.

6. Have any of Dr Petrovic’s patients been tested using the Bioscreen methodology?

Yes, 4 Australian patients who were found to be completely recovered in terms of the CDC CFIDS criteria were in addition found to be completely negative to the CFIDS urinary markers after the treatment (1998 research)

FAQ - Contacts and Communication

1. I would like to speak to Dr Petrovic personally. Alternatively, I would like to send an e-mail to him. Does he charge anything for this type of consultation?

All telephonic consultations are charged as per standard consulting rates and must be arranged minimum 4 weeks in advance. Preliminary e-mail consulting is currently provided free of charge for all patients.

All enquiries can be faxed to: Tel / Fax: +27 11 465 6651 or +27 11 467 4614
or e-mailed to:
longvita@hotmail.com or cfidscure@yahoo.com