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Professional comments from Dr J.F. Coombs B.SC. M.D. who conducted initial study on bedridden CFIDS patients:

Chronic fatigue is very complex issue, for which there is no quick answer. Physicians and patients looking for a ‘quick fix’ approach are better off finding a physician who will write out a prescription for Prozac. I personally consider pharmaceutical drugs to cure fatigue the wrong approach, because the ultimate cause of fatigue is damaged enzyme systems within the intricate pathways of the body’s cellular biochemistry. Drugs do not repair damaged enzyme systems, they can only block them further. For a more detailed explanation of the various biochemical, biological and emotional causes of fatigue, I suggest reading ‘The Canary and Chronic Fatigue’ by Majid Ali M.D., a professor of medicine at Columbia University. The book rambles and is definitively narrative in style, but does give a good overview of basic principles of molecular medicine in a non-technical style. The book also provides some protocols for the treatment of chronic fatigue, thought I now consider Dr Petrovic’s protocol far more effective.

I have had 3 patients so far who have been on the Protocol for over 2 months, and all three have responded dramatically well over a period of 2-3 months. They all began at the bed-bound stage of illness ( 20% of expected normal activity) and were making very little progress with the biological treatment protocols that I had prescribed for them,based on recommendations by various expert physicians in the USA on chronic fatigue ( Dr Majid Ali,Dr Paul Cheney, Dr Scott Ridgen). With Dr Petrovic’s Protocol, all 3 have progressed to the level of being able to do light physical activity for part of the day ( 50% or more of the expected normal activity) after 2-3 months of following the protocol, and they are continuing to improve.

I will say quite frankly, thought, that I have not seen any other treatment protocol that offers such hope to those severely affected with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.I have not had any patients in a position to try Ampligen , and Ampligen protocol is significantly more expensive than Dr Petrovic’s protocol.