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Exciting Testimony from Ruth Pike, Contact e-mail : ruthcpike@o2.co.uk England, UK March 2007

I had been ill with severe CFIDS for several years before my parents heard about Dr Petrovic and his protocol. Those years had been spent in what seemed a captive state. Bed-bound, unable to move speak or bear any sensory stimulation at all, I was in great pain, and an exhaustion that seemed tortuous and never ending.

The curtains were drawn, the room blacked out, and the house completely silent because of the unbearable agony any smallest noise had on my body.

My parents had given up their retirement to care for me around the clock, although they hardly saw me except to perform caring duties of feeding and washing for it was just too painful for me to have anyone in the room.

I had been judged by the medical profession as someone who could no longer be helped. In truth the doctors had no idea what to do and were scared of touching me as they saw the huge detrimental response, sometimes unconsciousness when they tried to do anything.

Over the years my family and I had tried everything they could find to heal me, or even just to ease symptoms. My parents read everything written on the subject: Nothing had helped. I was in enormous physical pain and became weaker, more prone than ever to allergic reactions and breathing difficulties, and closer to death.

I felt I was dying: several times my parents said goodbye.

Before I had become ill I had been very interested in nutrition and had read all I could about oxidative stress, feeling instinctively that this was the
cause of my tiredness, pain and deteriorating state. When my parents came into my room with news of Dr Petrovic's antioxidant protocol I knew it was right for me, although didn't feel very confident at that point about being able to follow through with the logistics of taking supplements or inhaling when completely bed bound.

However we found a way! The supplements took a month to arrive from the day of ordering so we started the inhaling with a bucket by the side of the bed which my mother would literally hang me over.

Within days I experienced quite amazingly rapid relief of a few symptoms: we were astounded and very much encouraged. I began to inhale as much as I could as night sweats disappeared, dreams eased, PMT went, and wonder of wonders, I began to be able to eat normal foods with no allergic reactions! I also found inhaling to be a pleasure for I had a very limited life. After years of being motionless and vegetative, hanging over the bed breathing in the tea felt like a holiday or as if I were flying! This was such a surprise and we were delighted with the positive changes.

After starting with the antioxidants a month later other symptoms began to lessen and I knew I was on the right path.

After three years of gradual improvements month by month I was able to move out of my parent's home and live on my own. Still taking the antioxidants I could now walk around the house see people occasionally and manage in a small way for myself. Most of the pain had gone and I felt I was managing very well considering what my body had been through. I felt very blessed to get to that stage of recovery.

In October 2004 I decided to add a final touch to my cure from CFIDS. I had been making good progress but still felt unable to cope with stress. It
seemed every sensory stimulation including my own thought processes turned the fight or flight adrenaline response on. That October I had a course of Neuro-Lingistic-Programming (NLP) in conjunction with my last box of antioxidants. It helped me to turn off the adrenaline response and I now consider myself completely well and cured for life.

After a couple of years of normal health I have to say that my life is wonderful and that I feel very blessed indeed. My father lived to see me well, and I was able to attend my brother's wedding, dancing and singing with the bride and groom.

I am now back to my old passion of walking coastal paths and mountain ranges, and am very fit physically.
I can read write and do cognitive tasks which before seemed impossible to a brain that could not think for agony! I have friends, I travel, swim, play instruments and have learnt to drive.

I am full of joy, love and life! My time of illness has strangely added to my peace, and I do not regret those 10 years:I have learnt so much, met so many wonderful people, and become an inspiration to those long term CFIDS/ME sufferers who cannot imagine someone who was as ill as me getting well.

It is thanks to DR Petrovic and his antioxidant protocol that I am now well. NLP and the lighting Process helped enormously, but I would not have been able to contemplate that glorious final step without having been on Nash's protocol for several years.

I consider myself blessed to have found the cure for CFIDS and so much joy in life: thank you Nash.

With thanks again, and deep pleasure,


Great Recovery Success continues in 2010 ! After her complete recovery on the CFIDS Protocol Ruth has been living her dream life since! She welcomes all enquires on her amazing recovery on the CFIDS Protocol. ( May 2010 )

Dear Nash,

I would like to let you know that I have changed my email address recently and you may want to update your website accordingly in case people want to contact me.

It is now ruthcpike@o2.co.uk

I am doing very well and am getting married in September!! I also have just completed a 6 week trip across the Southern United States traveling with my fiancé in a motor home. Sometimes I wonder if I am still lying in bed dreaming and maybe I will wake up there still with CFIDS. But is never happens thank God. I am here and life has turned out to be amazing.

Hope all is well for you also.

With love,


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