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Dramatic and Encouraging Breakthrough for CFS Sufferers

Sandton Chronicle Feb 96

The modern epidemic of M.E. seems to be beaten!

Antioxidants could, in the future be regarded as one of the "wonder drugs" of the nineties."

This may be because they offer the best hope for the prevention and treatment of such modern diseases as AIDS and M.E. Syndrome.

Most importantly, antioxidants are not drugs, but micro-nutrients which occur naturally in the body or are ingested as part of a healthy diet. Dr. Petrovic, regarded as one of the world's leading and most renowned specialists in the treatment of diseases with nutritional supplements and antioxidants, now practices in Fourways Gardens.

He has spent years working on the aspect of treating heart disease and more importantly ME, using a strict regime of special diet and antioxidant supplements - with remarkable success.

Dedicated to research and treatment, Dr. Petrovic firmly believes his methods are fool-proof.

"Why are people unwilling to believe that nutrition holds the key to life?

"It is an insult to ignore what has already been proved by many researchers on large numbers of patients. This is that the supplementation of the diet with antioxidant nutrients has had an enormous, beneficial impact on many diseases," said Dr. Petrovic.

He said that from the enormous amount of research material available, it has been proved antioxidant vitamins appear to take it in turns to play certain roles in the treatment of disease.

The combined group is needed for overall health, but certain vitamins will be highlighted. These include vitamin C, invaluable in the prevention of cataracts, beta-carotene leads the way in lung cancer prevention, while vitamin E is vital in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

In the treatment of immune deficiency diseases such as AIDS, cancer and M.E., a cocktail of nutrients is made up specifically for each patient Although predominantly a combination of antioxidant nutrients, the mixture could also contain antioxidant enzymes as well as vitamins and minerals that boost the body's immune system. A new consignment of the latest in antioxidants used in treating such immune deficiency diseases has just arrived from the United States.

This means that each patient is dealt with on an individual basis and the "cocktail" prescribed is unique to that person. Dr. Petrovic ensures this by a thorough examination and consultation before making up the individual natural, nutritional supplement and diet.

According to Dr. Petrovic, a healthy diet does not contain a high percent of red meat "Instead, follow a diet high in fresh vegetables and fruit - a proven aid to longevity in such countries as Japan and Sweden," said Dr. Petrovic.

A case history - A major miracle

In 1984 Estelle Meyer was suffering from severe stress, not only in her personal life, but in her working environment as well.

One day she suddenly developed severe pains in her chest and back, twitching in her back, arms and legs and was very tired and lethargic.

A battery of tests followed and Estelle was told she was suffering from "yuppie flu".

She spent several weeks in hospital and recovered slowly, but not back to the point where she was before the immune deficiency disease struck.

Over the next decade, Estelle had several relapses. Each episode took longer to recover from. Each relapse left her feeling weaker than ever.

The crunch came in February 1994 when Estelle had a major relapse. Her mental ability deteriorated, the pains in her body were unbearable, she lost her memory, her reflexes were bad, her co-ordination was very poor and she had no energy. There were mood swings, severe depression and twitching in her back, legs and arms, along with weakness in her arms and legs. She could not concentrate, was unable to pick up a plate and could barely walk.

Estelle's depression was so severe she wanted to withdraw from the world and simply sleep her life away.

"In actual fact, I no longer wanted to live," she said.

At the end of April last year she started treatment with Dr. Petrovic. Within four days she had a surge of energy and has gradually progressed to the point where, for the first time in 10 years, she is able to cope with anything that comes her way.

"For the first time in my life, I feel like a normal human being again, my quality of life has improved dramatically," she said.

Estelle's story is just one of hundreds of success stories, proving Dr. Petrovic's theories are not mumbo- jumbo, but a viable "treatment" that really works.

Dr. Petrovic, was born in Yugoslavia and is a researcher with international experience in antioxidants and other micro-nutrients. He was the top student in Europe in his final exams and achieved a remarkable 11 out of 10 rating.

He has dedicated his life to the research, development and treatment of anti-immune and heart diseases using natural micro-nutrients rather than synthetic drugs. His remarkable results in treating patients with M.E. has led to enquiries from major company medical aid schemes and enquiries from many international companies that specialise in the manufacture of micro-nutrients - in particular the USA.

He has been lauded world-wide by leading world scientists for his innovative health programmes - using the best equipment available - that supplied by Mother Nature herself.

If you are suffering from an immune deficiency or heart disease and would like to know more about Dr Petrovic 's remarkable health programme, click here for contact details.