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M.E. Suffering is Over

Sandton Chronicle Jan 96

Stress, the scourge of modern-day living, leads to serious complications and Myalgic Enceplhalomyelitis (ME) seems to lead the way.

Also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or Yuppie Flu, this debilitating disease strikes young and old, men, women, boys and girls. So far, doctors have tried every treatment under the sun -from medications to electrotherapy.

But many treatments prove to be a placebo and the sufferer feels better for a while - until the disease strikes again. All too often after each of these "remissions" the next bout is more vicious and lasts longer than the previous one.

But there is help at hand-and letters attesting to this have been pouring in following an article published in the Sandton Chronicle last year.

Dr Nash Petrovic, a European medical researcher and specialist in bio-antioxidants, seems to have the answer-He does not use drugs in any form, but instead. advocates a controlled diet dietary supplements and exercises devised to suit the individual's requirements The results are outstanding...

Carina's Story

  • "Everyday of my life I was plagued by those horrible M.E. symptoms - extreme fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, sharp pains in my chest, unbearable headaches and back aches, insomnia, depression and a failing memory to name but a few of the symptoms " - A sixteen year old girl, Carina Kaspersen, who was typical A type personality and a high achiever, developed M.E.

  • "...and then I was introduced to Dr. Nash Petrovic and his method of using bioantioxidants and supplements in treating M.E."
  • Her mother, Avril Kaspersen, says, "I was sceptical at first. We doubted that he would be able to help Carina when all the other doctors had failed".

Carina's Success

Carina started the programme in April 1995. "After the first two days of consuming these ,bioantioxidants and supplements, I was so full of energy that I jumped on the trampoline, took my dog for a run and danced to my favourite music. This as opposed to lazing on the couch and attempting to concentrate on some or other simple TV programme".

"Our family was really ill with this winter's flu. My husband was even hospitalised - and Carina escaped having any of the symptoms".

She played in her school's netball team, they won their league. She ran the 1500m; 300m and the relay at her interhouse athletics and placed 7th in the long distance events. "I did not experience a single M.E. symptom whatsoever". Avril says she was beaming on the way home because "she was back on track again".

All her teachers have noticed a distinct difference in her and her friends cannot believe the change in her "my parents have visualised a literal miracle right before their eyes. I feel absolutely great".

Carina's Parents Rejoice

"You have no idea what it means to us to see our 16 year old daughter happy and free from the depression of the M.E. syndrome. Our daughter is well and that is 100% proof that Dr. Petrovic's programme works!" Carina had two month programmes followed by a six month maintenance programme. Her M.E. related suffering is over. She is achieving a very high quality of life. She is a member of the Health and Racquet Club and is very happy.

A Few Other Stories

Some patients come directly from prestigious London clinics, still suffering from M.E. They all claim that this is the most successful health programme in the world for this debilitating and frustrating disease, which is destroying millions of lives world-wide. Furthermore, M.E. is posing a threat on the world economy, as the majority of sufferers are just entering, or are at the peak of, their productive years.

Many clients such as Alta Niemandt, Kevin Pattison and others, are now more able to cope with life, experience better health than ever before and are coping much better at work than they had ever dreamed would be possible. They are once again enjoying normal lives as they had done before M.E. struck.

Dr. Petrovic also has help for others with autoimmune disorders and heart disease, cancer as well as AIDS, and I. Cohen and P. Burnett have experienced a dramatic recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis.