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It Works! Say Grateful M.E. Sufferers

Sandton Chronicle Dec 95

STRESS, the scourge of modern-day living, leads to numerous complications, and Myalgic Encephalomyalitis (M.E.) seems to lead the way. Also known as chronic fatigue syndrome or "yuppie flu ", this debilitating disease strikes young and old, men, women, boys and girls.

So far, doctors have tried every treatment under the sun from medications to electrotherapy.

But many treatments prove to be a placebo and the sufferer feels better for a while- until the disease strikes again. All to often after each of these "remissions", the next bout is more vicious than the previous one.

But there is help at hand - and letters testifying to this have been pouring in following an article published in the Sandton Chronicle last year.

Dr. Nash Petrovic, a European medical researcher and specialist in bio-antioxidants, seems to have the answer.

He does not use drugs in any form, but instead he advocates a controlled diet, dietary supplement and exercises, devised to suit the individual's requirements. The results are astounding.

Sufferers claim fast relief from M.E. and other autoimmune disease symptoms.

PEARL ZIER writes that she has been an ME sufferer for about two years. She never had energy, felt permanently tired and listless. One day she fell asleep at the wheel of her car, wrote off the vehicle and "is indeed very fortunate to be alive!"

Since starting her antioxidant micronutrient programme about five weeks ago, Pearl says there has been a dramatic improvement in her general well-being.

"I have far more energy, don't fall asleep in the chair any more and have more control of my life. My memory and concentration have improved, I have lost weight and am thrilled with the results. I sleep better and wake feeling refreshed and relaxed rather than still three-quarters asleep. I highly recommend Dr Petrovic's programme," she said.

SARAH JANE DINES is another satisfied client.

"The programme is very good. Prior to starting the programme I had no inclination to do anything. Shortly after completing Dr Petrovic's six-week course, I went on a trip overseas and walked the streets of London. Despite the marathon, six-kilometre walk - in one day - I still had plenty of energy and stayed up chatting to my family until the early hours of the morning.

"I am feeling strong, healthy, able to cope with the day-to-day pressure of work and am in control of my life," said Sarah.

KARIN MISSING of Helderkruin has a similar story.

After the birth of both her children she suffered depression. No medication or counselling helped. A keen athlete, she ran the gruelling Comrades in 1989 but shortly afterwards was diagnosed as having ME. More tests, visits to a battery of medical doctors and mountains of medications helped to a point. But in April last year her condition started to deteriorate again and she was admitted to hospital.

"I was in tears most of the time, I became anorexic and my weight dropped from 54 KGs to 44,2 KGs in a short period of time.

"My psychiatrist even tried electro-convulsive therapy - all to no avail," said Karin.

A friend recommended Dr Petrovic. Her diary for October 24 - the day she commenced programme - notes: "If I had a loaded gun and the strength, I would have got rid of myself forever as I was so low."

Two days later, the diary states: "Smiling for the first time today. I am very happy."

How these extraordinary health programmes work

Dr Petrovic said that from the enormous amount of research material available, it has been proved that antioxidant vitamins appear to take it in turns to play certain roles in the treatment of disease.

The combined group is needed for overall health, but certain vitamins will be highlighted.

In the treatment of immune deficiency diseases such as AIDS, cancer and ME, a cocktail of nutrients is made up specifically for each client.

Although predominantly a combination of antioxidant nutrients, the mixture could also contain antioxidant enzymes as well as vitamins and minerals that boost the body's immune system. This means that each client is dealt with on an individual basis, with the prescribed cocktail unique to that person.

Dr Petrovic ensures this with a thorough consultation before making up the individual, nutritional supplement and diet.

He has been lauded internationally by leading world scientists for his innovative health programmes - using the best equipment available - that supplied by Mother Nature herself.