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Hi Dr. Petrovic

Good to hear from you. I appreciate your professional comments and the research abstract that you sent as well.

For what it is worth....my opinion about starting your clinic in the US is that... I believe that there are plenty of patients willing to pay out of pocket for a treatment that actually works. I know of people who have remortgaged their homes and spent their life savings trying to get well. People have traveled across the country and spent many thousands of dollars to be treated by the so called experts Dr. Paul Cheney and Dr. Dan Peterson. I called Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's office. It would be months before I could get an appointment and well over $5000 at the first visit to be seen by this so called expert. I went to see Ritchie Shoemaker,MD. at his fatigue clinic (which was an eight hour drive for me) because he said he could treat the ciguatera epitope. He took 13 vials of blood and I was no better off than before!

I tell prospective CFIDS patients that I know that your potocol has been the one treatment that I can count on to improve the quality of my life. For that I am so grateful! I believe others would be as well.

Just as an update on research, the National CFIDS Foundation is currently funding research into BMAA toxins from cyanobacteria as a possible co-factor in CFIDS. Obviously, these biotoxins create massive free radical damage which of course the CFIDS protocol addresses.

I apologize that this is so long. I will be in touch when I am able to reorder. I believe that there is no treatment available for CFIDS that is superior to yours at this time. I would be still bedridden al these years if it was not for your treatment and I am so grateful.

Kind Regards,
Sandi Timmermans

Tel: 607 527 8009


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