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Congratulations from fully recovered USA patient (MD) and his professional report on revolutionary medical aspects of the CFIDS Protocol! (June 2010)

Dr. Nash,

First and foremost, I want to congratulate you on not only developing something as technologically advanced as the original CFIDS protocol, but additionally, re-formulating the protocol to where a 15x1500 dosage can be administered in a very easy to swallow 2 packets a day only!

The therapudical responses to this treatment has been absolutely phenomenal! At first, it rapidly induced the removal of a 6-week course of anti-biotics I had to take to treat a septic anti-biotic resistance infection from Haiti amongst years of years of cumulative medicinal xenobiotic usage. That took but a week. After that, increases in physical strength, peripheral circulation, and cognitive/neurological dysfunction immediately followed. What is most fascinating is that notable improvements in circulating and neuro-cognitive improvements appear literally within 5 minnutes in ingesting the pills on an empty stomach. This is not only fascinating, but truly miraculous, as any symptom suppressing FDA-approved drug fails to act so rapidly with PO administration!

Not only that, but you've managed to manufacture/produce such a treatment at a cost significantly less than many prescription drugs, and even less than many PO anti-oxidant therapies people 'self-prescribe' and then purchase from the vitamin/health food store! The combination of such a 'rapid' clinical response to the treatment was seen in many of your patients and proven in your recent clinical reports, with the increased affordability of the treatment makes this new 'drug' tremendously appealing in regards to new drug approval and most attractive to health insurance companies.

If you look at major drug companies like Pfizer, they haven't come out with any real 'life changing' drugs since the introduction of an SSRI (Prozac) nearly 20 years ago. I must say that I have no particular bias in regards to xenobiotic vs. non xenobiotic alternatives; I am in favor of any treatment that is both safe and effective for the patient. With that sad, this technological advancement is not only the largest advancement in biological medicine/science since the development of new anti-depressant medications that make a life changing, and usually saving difference, but is in fact, perhaps the largest advancement in biological medicine since the discovery of anti-biotics. I say this not only because the high prevalence of oxidative stress / localized/systemic inflammatory disorders to date, but the exponentially increasing number of such cases due to socio-emotional, environmental factors, and chemical exposure in the environment in which we now live. As time progresses, the need for this treatment will increase exponentially.

Additionally, I find it most interesting to read patient's reports on their progressing/complete recoveries. The first thing that comes to mind is WOW, these people are/were REALLY sick! The amount of disability reported and/or inferred was just shocking! Yes, I've been bedridden and unable to care for self or even watch television with this condition, but it's been so long that I can hardly remember. After spending 2yrs climbing and snowmobiling on 14k ft peaks in the Rocky Mountains and traveling internationally to investigate medical practice opportunities, I can hardly imagine what it would be like to be that sick anymore!

Once again, congratulations. I'm putting roughly 12-14hrs of dedicated study time back into medical text books, hoping that luck may be on my side this time, and that I may get a chance to make such a significant contribution to medicine.


Dan Powers, MD

Dan Powers


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