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  A successful recovery of Ms. Tally Nelles who is now completely free of any clinical signs of CFIDS -2004. Email:nelles@nex.net.au

Ms. Tilly Nelles

Thank You for Your Wonderful Treatment from Australia- a successful recovery of Ms. Tally Nelles who is now completely free of any clinical signs of CFIDS

From: "Nelles"
Subject: Re: Nash Petrovic M.D. Information
Date sent: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 09:25:02 +1100
Dear Dr Petrovic

I thought I would let you know that we just had a really good Christmas. The first time in 4 years that Matilda has been in good health. There are not really any signs of any CFIDS. She leads a very active and busy life. There probably is still a tendancy to be a little over-protective (on my part) of her health and see that she eats well, rests and doesn't overdo things but I am sure that will change over time. Occaisionally Tilly will become afraid that she is getting sick again but this is happening less and less. She is now training with 2 of her horses 6 days a week, studying part-time and working part-time as well as having a busy social life, so she is doing rather well.

Thankyou again for your wonderful treatment and wish you and all your other patients well.

Kind Regards
Susan Nelles & Tilly

e-mail: nelles@nex.net.au

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