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Succesful recovery of chemical dependency counsellor fromMinnesota, chronology of therapeutical success 1999-2005

Remarkable recovery and life without any relapses of CFIDS
My name is Charlene Benson. I was born August !8 1953 in a small rural town of Litchfield, Minnesota. I grew up in this community and graduated from High School in 1971. I was married on September 16 1972 and just celebrated my wedding anniversary. I have two wonderful children named Chadd and Amber who are grown and established in their own lives. I was a very busy wife and mother to my children while they were growing up. I was also very committed to the community that I was born and raised and involved in many church activities, served as a Hockey board member, and served on the Board of Directors for the Litchfield Watercade festivities for four years.

I worked as an Interior Decorator in the early 1970’s and in 1981 I became a Chiropractic Assistant for my first cousin and his wife who are both Chiropractors in Litchfield Minnesota. I worked as a C.A. until May of 1991 at which time I chose to go back to college to get my degree in Chemical Dependency. I was hired by the Sioux Valley Hospital in New Ulm Mim in October of 1993 as a Chemical Dependency counselor and case manager. In February of 1995, I was hired by a company called “New Beginnings” which is a residential chemical dependency treatment facility located in Waverly Minnesota. The lake home of the late U.S. Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey.

In July of 1998, while working as a full time chemical dependency counselor and case manager for New Beginnings, I was struck with CFIDS. The devastation that I felt not knowing what was happening to my body and the debilitating fatigue that kept me bedridden and in a chair for nearly one and a half years is very clear in my mind today. I was forced to quit my position as a counselor as my symptoms continued to increase.

I saw over ten Doctors within the first six months of this illness and all of my testing came back negative with the exception that I showed positive for having the Epstein-Barr virus some time in my life. If I had this virus, I was unaware of it as I never slowed down. My symptoms included: Headaches, brain fog, cognitive dysfunction, memory lapses, concentration difficulties, speech difficulties, secondary depression, anxiety, mood swings, visual disturbances, sore throat, stiff neck, tense shoulders, heart palpitations, digestive problems, numbness and tingling in my muscles, joint pain, dizziness, impaired sex life, enlarged lymph glands, hot flashes, insomnia, cold and flu like symptoms, rashes, and severe pain with fibromyalgia.

I knew that my life was drastically changing as I was not capable of functioning on a normal level. I sought out help with medical Drs. who put me on anxiety medication and treated each symptom as it persisted. I was treated by chiropractors who were able to alleviate some of the muscle and joint pain and put me on a cleansing program as well as supplementation for my symptoms. I also sought acupuncture therapy, which helped to increase my energy levels at times. I was told by a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn. that I needed to see a Psychologist for my anxiety and to rule out depression. I proceeded to seek a Psychologist that I felt comfortable with and when talking to her I found out that she was struck with CFIDS eight years prior to our visit together. I remember the words that came out of her mouth. She said, “You have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and your life is going to drastically change”. I remember the feelings that I had during that moment. I was so grateful that someone could diagnose my condition and yet so very angry that my life was going to drastically change.

I knew at that time that I was going to do what ever I could in my power to seek help to regain my life back again. I was given a testimonial by a young women who was treated by Dr. Petrovic in South Africa for CFIDS and within a very short time her symptoms started to subside. I remember all the feelings that I had during that time. Feelings of apprehensiveness, fear, anxiety, hopefulness, and gratefulness that I had finally found some answers and direction for my life. It was the summer of 1999 when I decided to pick up the testimonial once again and proceeded to find this Dr. in South Africa who has treated CFIDS since the early 1990’s with a very high success rate in reversing this debilitating illness. I knew that I was going to do whatever it took to regain my life back again.

I began Dr. Petrovic’s protocol of antioxidants/micronutrients on 09/09/99, and within six weeks my energy level started returning and symptoms started to subside one by one. The last symptom to leave my body was the fibromyalgia. I was able to discontinue all the pain and anxiety medication that I was prescribed for this condition and I was able to return to a full time position with the company that I had worked with within six months of starting his program.

I sincerely felt that I needed to touch the lives of those who are suffering with this debilitating illness and offer you “hope” to regain your life back again as well. I would be more than happy and willing to talk to any of you about my walk with CFIDS, and to introduce you to the man who has touched my life.

Charlene Benson

Char Gilchrist-17613

Finch Court, Cold Spring, MN. 56320

Telephone: 612-418-1427

Email: chargilchrist@gmail.com

Fax: 320-234-7 1 83*51


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