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Ms. Lorrie Rivers - Phenomenal recovery of a USA film producer and personal trainer- I AM HEALTHY & HAPPY

Ms. Lorrie Rivers is a USA film producer whose life was dramatically changed by CFIDS. Despite numerous treatment programs that she tried in the USA, her condition continued to dramatically deteriorate due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Eventually she reached the point of almost total disability and bed-ridden stage.Her deterioration was dramatic and accompanied with numerous clinical complications. Ms. Rivers' response to the CFIDS Protocol was nothing short of phenomenal- her personal testiomonial follows. In addition her personal web site on www.lorrierivers.com and www.goeatworms.com contain a detailed history of her response and recovery to the Protocol. Lorrie is now 'back' to life and a fully productive member of the USA society again.


To: Dr.Nash Petrovic
From: Lorrie Rivers
Subject: Testimonial
Date sent: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 16:47:29 -0400

Hiya, doc,

I wanted to wait until I was feeling REALLY good before I wrote this and...I'm there!


Five years ago I was working on a movie set in Charleston, SC. I was 24 years old, starting my career, extremely active. I ran five miles a day and worked out on a regular basis. I worked 12 hour days.

I collapsed on the movie set and was taken to the hospital. THe doctors there said that I'd simply experienced dehydration. They and several other doctors, over the next year were wrong or simply stumped, with no help to offer to explain my strange physical and emotional symptoms of pain, fatigue, emotional turmoil, low grade fever, insomnia, dry eyes and mouth, fits of paralysis, and numerous other "strange" symptoms that often kept me bedbound and sometimes unable even to feed myself. I was finally diagnosed with CFIDS and was told that all I could do was wait.

I tried several different treatments over the next several years. Some helped and allowed a remission for a few weeks, the longest for almost a year, but I never felt right or good or healthy and I was unable to exercise without putting myself in the bed for several days after. This was unacceptable to me. This "no cure" thing was unacceptable to me. I knew there HAD to be a way to function at 100% again. So I kept looking, kept trying.

A friend ran across Dr. Petrovic's site and told me about it. I sat at my computer, crying, when I read about people playing tennis again...being active again. I pictured myself running and acting and singing again. But what a leap of faith! The program was expensive and I'd never heard of this guy before!

I made some calls to some of his other patients and they all had good things to say. Most were 100% again and I was practically salivating listening to them talk about how active they were. My father and I decided to give it a go. I wanted complete health and I wanted it badly.

The wait for the protocol to come from South Africa seemed like forever. But it finally came and from the first day I knew it was doing *something*. I didn't know what yet...but within two months I'd gained 10 lbs (I was down to 98lbs) and it was obvious Dr. Petrovic's protocol was making a difference.

The next year was...interesting. Not always an easy ride. But as I kept track of this roller coaster ride I was on, I noticed a steady increase and improvement. It was often 2 steps forward, 1 step back (and sometimes felt like 1 step forward, 2 steps back).

Today, almost a year later, I am mostly feeling GOOD! I'm walking again. I'm lifting very small weights again. I do Qigong for 40 minutes a day. I walk for 15 minutes and it FEELS GOOD. I'll be running again by September. I can actually feel my muscles working again and my body DOING WHAT IT's SUPPOSED TO DO. And I've gotta tell you - that is one of the best feelings in the world.

I feel stronger every day...I have only a few environmental and food sensitivities left...almost all of my symptoms are gone. In fact...I no longer consider myself to be ill. I AM HEALTHY and HAPPY.

Thank you, Dr. Petrovic. I am so very thankful to have found you and your program and for what you do!


Lorrie Rivers


One must take off her fear like clothing;
One must travel at night;
This is the seeking after God."
- Maureen Morehead, In A Yellow Room


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