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Kathy Ecklund - Joy of recovery from CFIDS in Texas- Jan 1999

Kathy Ecklund

My battle with CFS/FM started in March of '97 after a minor motor vehicle accident. My illness started as a mild case of fibromyalgia and over the next year progressed to a severe state of CFS.

During the course of my illness, I was very aggressive at trying new treatments and therapies. I had a very successful career that I did not wish to give up, I was missing valuable years of my children's' lives, and I am not a quitter. I tried everything from antiviral drugs, to IV vitamins, to herbal remedies. I even travelled to California to visit Dr. Jay Goldstein, who prescribed various different "brain drugs" (some were for depression, Parkinson's, Lou Gehrig's, etc.). I went regularly for massage therapy and spinal manipulation. Fortunately, my husband and I both had good jobs, and I had the financial resources to try many different treatments. (Unfortunately, many with CFS do not have such resources). Many of these treatments gave me some relief, however, it usually did not last for long. (It seemed my body would quickly build up immunity to whatever treatment I tried.)

By the summer of '98 I was nearly bedridden, unable to spend any time with my two small children (because of my inability to withstand any type of visual or auditory stimulus), unable to leave the house, and certainly unable to perform my job. (I am a CPA and I work part-time writing accounting books). I had accepted the fact that I would not be able to continue my career and was in the process of working with a disability attorney.
When my aunt told me about Dr. Petrovic's web page, I almost didn't look at it because I was tired of getting my hopes up over things that wouldn't work. Fortunately, I did!!

I started taking Dr. Petrovic's treatment on October 21. As with most of the treatments I tried, I was hopeful, but skeptical.

On Day 11 of my treatment program, I woke up with tremendous energy--more than I'd had in months. I spent the entire weekend enjoying my family and going places I hadn't been in months.

Over the next 2-3 weeks, I began to improve in other ways. After my energy came back, I noticed my sore throats and fevers went away. Then my lymph nodes returned to normal. Over the next two months, my muscular pain decreased by at least 70%. My cognitive abilities improved immensely, and I am now (after 2 1/2 months) able to withstand almost any type of stimulus. I can go anywhere in public, I can take care of my two small children BY MYSELF (at one point I could not even have them in the same house), and I have just recently returned to work. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK AGAIN!!!

As Dr. Petrovic warned me NOT TO DO, I overdid it many times and had a few minor setbacks; however, they were nothing compared to the relapses I had suffered in the past. I am now to the point where a "major relapse" will make me a little tired for about a day-but no longer.

Although my cognitive skills have not completely returned to normal, I am getting better every day, and I have confidence I will recover completely. I have spoken to so many other patients that have fully recovered, I know I will also!! I hope that one day all CFS patients will be able to benefit from Dr. Petrovic's program.

Thanks so much!!
Kathy Ecklund

Contact: Kecklundfw@aol.com
Thu Jan 07 1999




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