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email from Martin Le Grice

From: "Martin Le Grice" <mlegrice@intercoast.com.au>
To: "Roy Collins" <rcollins@albury.net.au>
Cc: "Dr. Petrovic" <longvita@sprintlink.co.za>Note: now longvita@yebo.co.za
Subject: Mailing List (+ the forgotton attachment!)
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 21:18:16 +1000

"Managing M.E."
PO Box 58



Some time ago I sent you a copy of my little booklet "Managing M.E." in the hope that it might help some people cope a little better. Now it seems that 'managing the illness' may be a thing of the past and I feel duty bound to pass on the attached information about some incredible results that Dr. Nash Petrovic is achieving.

I started his programme three months ago and have satisfied myself 100% of its efficacy. I had tried 'everything' over the last seven years, and although some things helped a little, nothing produced results like this. I finally feel as though I am rid of the illness and am now in the process of building up strength and stamina again. My family and friends cannot believe the turnaround that I have achieved!

The treatment is horribly expensive which obviously makes it very difficult for many people with the illness to afford - but the results he is achieving are just too compelling to ignore.

I have vowed to do what I can to spread the word among fellow sufferers - and I hope you might do the same. (How about sending this information package to your local paper?)

You will no doubt want to try and talk to some other people who he has treated. Unfortunately I just cannot give the time to this as I know there will be 100s if not 1000s of people anxious to learn more and at this stage there are only a handful of people being treated in this country.

Roy Colins in Albury has started a 'Petrovic Protocol Association' and will keep a register of patients being treated so that he may be able to give you some names to talk to. He can be contacted on (03) 5726 1484 or e'mail to rcollins@albury.net.au. However, he warns that his phone line is very busy and that he cannot afford to return calls - so just keep trying!

Dr. Petrovich is very accessible by e'mail, fax or phone and I have found him extremely responsive to all my (frequent!) concerns and questions - so do give him a try as well! (E'mail is the best if you have access to it.)

This truly is the most exciting - and seemingly unbelievable - news ever for CFS and I wish you all speed if you too decide to embark on this exhilarating journey!

Very best wishes


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