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After her successful recovery in March 1998 , Noel Kamm moves to another climate and a challenging academic program. - Sept 1999

Hi Dr. Petrovic!
I just thought I'd check in and tell you I had long phone conversations
with Cathy Aroyan and Sandra Hill, both from New York and both sounded
like they would be signing up for your program soon. They called>just
after Noel left for college, so I happily told them that she's moved
miles away to a different climate and a challenging academic program -
thanks to you!
She is very happy and excited to be in Boston and starting school. She's
gotten settled, made new friends, and is ready to get to work. She
assures me that she is eating right and taking her vitamins - although she was
terrible about that during the summer.
Thank you always and forever for your life-saving work.
Lindsay Kamm ( Noel's mother )


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