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Dr David Jackson, MD reports on Mrs. Balas's progress - Sep. 1999

Contact : " David Jackson, MD" <DJACKSON@nwhsea.org>
On 2 Sep 99, at 18:07, David Jackson, MD wrote:
From: "David Jackson, MD" <DJACKSON@nwhsea.org>
To: "'longvita@yebo.co.za'" <longvita@yebo.co.za>
Subject: Brooke Balas
Date sent: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 18:07:53 -0700
Dear Dr. Petrovic,
Here is the file you couldn't open.
David Jackson MD
S: She comes in for a recheck on chronic fatigue syndrome. She continues
under the treatment of Dr. Petrovic and she reports that he wanted me to
e-mail him on her status. She has now been on treatment for almost six
I had last seen her in April when she had a URI. Typically a URI would
make her chronic fatigue flare-up significantly for weeks. This time,
however, she had increased fatigue for only a couple days and recovered
from the URI quite quickly.
Overall she is markedly better. She now ranks her daytime fatigue at
about a 4/10, when she was a 10 previously. She is typically sleeping
9-10 hours a night, down from her previous 10-12 hours. She is also no
longer taking two-hour naps like she was doing daily previously. She has
considerable more stamina and energy to help take care of her 2-year-old. She
is doing a lot more activities with the 2-year-old now, and taking a lot more
trips. She now sleeps quite well which is also a marked improvement. She has
had no recurrence whatsoever of the intermittent fever or swollen glands that
she used to get. She still gets some occasional muscle aching but this is
probably 90% better than it used to be.
O: Pleasant cheerful female in no distress. BP 110/78, pulse 60. She
appears well rested. MSK: She still has some very slight tenderness at
both lateral epicondyli. However, the multitude of other trigger points
that she had previously have all completely resolved.
A&P: CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME. Markedly improved with Dr. Petrovik's
treatment. The patient reports that the plan is to continue this for at
least another six months. I concur with that. Although she is clearly
markedly improved, she is still not 100% yet. Copy of this note to Dr.

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