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Yvonne Bradshaw - Nov-Dec 1997

From: BRUCE BRADSHAW <bruce@triode.net.au>
To: Dr Nash <longvita@sprintlink.co.za>Note: now longvita@yebo.co.za
Subject: Yvonne's update 6/11/97
Date: Thursday, 6 November 1997 22:10

Dear Dr Nash

Welcome home!

I thought it appropriate to update you on my current condition and other events in my search for recovery!

I have generally been feeling stronger and endeavouring to go out more and to 'master' my symptoms by a positive mental attitude. However some days(like today) I feel almost the same as I did at the beginning with flu-like symptoms etc.Some of the symptoms have diminished but the major ones being ear blockage ,chest pressure and a tightness in lower front neck region are still the most problematic. Digestion, head pressures, pins and needles and concentration have improved dramatically. I feel stronger and have need of less rest during the day.

One of the research studies we uncovered recommended the use of moclobermide (Aurorix-anti-depressant) to assist in the relief of CFS symptoms. Is it OK to take with the protocol?

I am in the process of undertaking three tests with Dr Dunstan of Newcastle University (Blood lipids, Urine and Faeces).I have detailed lists of what the tests entail and I will fax them to you tomorrow. In particular type three of the lipid test which refers to fatty acids and increased oxidation.

We trust that this will help you to monitor my condition and assist in the management of my protocol. You may also help us in their interpretation & Newcastle have promised co-operation in this regard.


Yvonne and Bruce

To: "Dr Nash" <longvita@sprintlink.co.za>Note: now longvita@yebo.co.za
Subject: Christmas Greetings from Yvonne & Bruce
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 20:53:52 +1100

Dear Dr Nash

It's been a long time between emails! We are pleased to report that Yvonne is continuing to improve, slowly but surely! She is driving a little each day and is able to make short outings to the local shops. Her usual symptoms are still present but she is more able to cope with them and she is increasingly aware of the importance of a positive mental attitude to beating this affliction. Her local doctor is keen for her to start a course of aurorix and she may start these during the upcoming school holidays. She is taking the protocol every other day (since last week) .Any comments about this?

She will also endeavour to send you an updated questionnaire so you can assess the changes in her condition more thoroughly.

Many thanks for your assistance throughout 1997 and we wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!!

Best wishes,

Yvonne and Bruce

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