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Wonders of the CFIDS Protocol' recovery report sent by UK website designer John Dillon, January 2007

From : "John Dillon" john@mission-systems.com

As an aside to this Dr...

I'm please to say (and I'm touching wood as I write this) that my general health has been brilliant for as long as I can remember now. I really can't
think of the last time I had any kind of symptom related to CFS. Also I have only had 1 cold this year which lasted for about 3 days... very
unusual for me (and obviously now I'll get one now I have said that). This is enhanced by the fact I had no protocol for the last 3 weeks or so,
and noticed no difference whatsoever (and this was during a period where to be honest I wasn´t looking after myself as much as I normally do I i.e. red meat and alcohol etc...)

Now I'm sure there are lows to come... CFS has taught me that, but I'm feeling happier in myself than I ever have (even before getting CFS), and I
hope that one day I'll be free from it. Exercise is key for me as I have mentioned before. I used to workout regularly and play many sports, this is one thing I miss greatly. Don´t worry though I am not about to jump back into this immediately. I do a pilates routine coupled with some very light weights 3 times a week for about 30 mins. My aim is to gradually increase this over the next year or so, and see where it gets me. I am hoping, and this may be unrealistic, that perhaps around this time next year I might be able to start pushing myself a bit more, and go back to the gym. We shall see.

Anyway I just thought I would update you on my progress as further proof (not that you need it) of the wonders of your protocol. One other incidental
point I suppose is that I have definitely felt better (physically and mentally) since taking this new advanced protocol.



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