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  Gary Winn

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 12:32:49 +0000
To: rcollins@albury.net.au (roy Collins)
From: thedairy@globalnet.co.uk (gary winn)
Subject: newsletter information

Dear Roy Collins

I am one of Dr. Nash Petrovic's patients in England, and have heard a lot from him of the good work that you are doing.

I have received an email from him to ask if I could send anything to you in support of your international newsletter.

I commenced the programme a little over three months ago and was very seriously ill after suffering from CFS for eight years. I had to quit my business and had been bedridden for nine months prior to commencing the programme. My symptoms were continuous and were headaches, brain fog, enlargement of many lymph glands, muscle pain, joint pain, awful flu like symptoms, throbbing of muscles, incredible fatigue, (even by just lying in bed. In fact I struggled to even get out of bed to go to the toilet!

I was advised by my consultant at the hospital, the medical adviser of the British M.E. Association not to commence the course. My own G.P. was sceptical. In fact Britain seems to be a nation of sceptics. I thought long and hard, but the information I had received from Dr. Petrovic seemed perfectly logical, even as a non-medical person. I decided to take my own decision. There was nothing else anybody could offer me after all!

It was during the second month that I really noticed a difference, although from much earlier I noticed a general upward trend in the improvement of my health. Today I feel decidedly well and am back at work, not sleeping during the day and with many of my symptoms relieved. I am so happy that I did not take the advice of my medical consultants. I do not doubt their ability but feel that perhaps they do not know as much about Dr. Petrovic's work as they should do as someone who advises on M.E. and in fact was charging =A310= 0 per hour to inform me of the latest research and then telling me to give up work and just rest!

I have been keeping my G.P. up to date with my progress and he is very impressed with what he has seen. I feel that at the moment I am living a fairly normal life and still have a further month of the intensive course, and all the maintenance course to take.

I am delighted with my progress so far. I must also point out the kind support that Dr. Petrovic has given me. He seems to work non stop but whatever the circumstances he will always find time to either talk or send a message. His confidence is contagious, and I couldn't wish to be treated by a more caring person.

My message in summary to anybody out there who is suffering from CFS is to take the plunge, commence this programme and relieve yourself from this unnecessary hell.

I feel that I must also point out that I am in no way financially connected with the Petrovic Health Centre and in no way will benefit financially from saying what I have. My only wish is to rid anybody from this awful suffering, and if my message is taken notice of I will the take my reward from knowing others have also benefited from this treatment.

If anybody would like to contact me directly, my e-mail address is


I would be very interested to receive copies of your regular newsletter and keep up the excellent work!

best wishes

gary winn

Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 12:31:19 +0000
To: longvita@sprintlink.co.zaNote: now longvita@yebo.co.za
To: rcollins@mail.albury.net.au
From: thedairy@globalnet.co.uk (gary winn)
Subject: christmas newsletter

Dear Roy

Thank you for sending me both electronic and hard copies of the wonderful newsletter that you sent me. I enjoyed it very much, both on a technical level to broaden my knowledge of this disease, and also to be able to see physical pictures of you and your family.

I have been speaking to other potential patients and have forwarded copies to some of them . I feel it will give them confidence and the knowledge that somebody really cares. Also, it shows them that others have been in such a position and recovered from it in a comparatively short time.

Keep up the good work Roy, you deserve a medal!

I will endeavour to send a photograph of me and my family soon.

kind regards

gary winn

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