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  NEW: 2006 report Succesful recovery from CFIDS of Mark Reynolds from Johannesburg

My battle with CFIDS started in February 2003. 1 was diagnosed with the Coxsackie B virus in November of 2002 just after competing in Gautengs premier athletics event. I was diagnosed with the virus after a long athletics season, in which I performed sporadically and suffered from great fatigue even though I was fit and training hard. Then mid-way through the season I got a chest infection and returned to athletics too soon, not letting my body recover enough.

I hardly ever used to get sick. I then began sleeping in the afternoon, something I never used to do. My hands were sweaty, balance was off and regardless of an amounts of sleep, I was always tired. This was ignored during the season and labelled as being caused by the long season. The final straw was after I performed well below par at Prestige (premier athletics event) even though I was training heavily. Diagnosis of Coxsackie B was easy by the characteristic chest pain. She said there was nothing I could do, she advised Vitamin B injections and a good vitamin. She said it would pass over in approximately one year.

We waited until January when we decided something else needed to be done. Getting through the day was now a nearly impossible task. I was always tired, hot, sore, clamy and had hardly any physical capabilities left. I was getting worse by the day. We were recommended to Dr Petrovic by my physio Colleen. He was said to be the leader in the CFIDS field. The first appointment was great as we were fmally speaking to someone who was a specialist in the held after seeing many doctors who were clueless.

At this stage my body was so weak that walking round the garden vas too much. I was always hot, clamy and fever like. I would be tired when I woke up. My body was sore and I became very anxious and moody because my life was so restriced. This to me was like living in hell. My normal life consisted of excelling in school, sport, playing cricket every afternoon, after this I would be tired but I would always wake up refreshed in the mornng.

My life had changed 360 degrees. I had to focus on something else other than sport. I chose academics. During the first visit he answered all my questions and I was sure we were heading in the right direction. My first few days were great, I was told that the tablets don't work immediately, but for me they did. I now had more enegrv. At the end of the month you could see there was an improvement but we still had a long way to go. After about 3 months there was a huge difference although I still suffered terribly from certain symptoms.

The wrist and back pains were becoming rare and the sore muscles had almost disappeared. I began waking up feeling almost human again. I began sleeping less in the afternoon but getting through the day was still a terrible task. After 6 months many of the symptoms had completely disappeared and the stubborn ones were also getting better. At this stage sometimes at the end of the day I sometimes had a bit of energy which gave me great hope. I feel mind power is very important and I feel it helped my recovery. After 9 months I was beginning to get some of my old life back. If I wanted to do something extra out of my daily plan. I could do it with a bit of planning. Nearly all my symptoms were gone now but I still had a long path to recovery. As I am now on the 3rd March 2004, I know I vill be able to do what I warn to in the not too distant future. I am almost symptom free now but by no means perfect. I am grateful to Dr. Petrovic for everyday that! wake up refreshed, everyday my body i in no pain. everytime I speak on the phone and my arm does not get tired and for not always being so flippen tired . My moods have calmed down now and I am back to the funny, free-spirited boy I used to be. At the moment half the battle is won - thanks Dr. Petrovic. All I need to do is to get fit again. Thanks Dr. Petrovic for helping me though this.

Mark Reynolds
17 years old

Tel: +27 11 704 1001

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