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Since the first administration of te CFIDS Protocol in 1994 it was observed that many patients with CFIDS and secondary auto-immune conditions such as Ulcerative collitis, Chron's disease and also patients with HIV have responded very well to the CFIDS Protocol and reported successful reversal of both CFIDS and secondary auto-immune problems. There is a similarity of genetic make up in CFIDS and patients with above auto-immune gastro-intestinal conditions as well.

H. Power is a registered nurse from Johannesburg who had Chron's disease for many years. She was also put on cortisone that she also took for many years without any effects on status of her Chron's. Eventually she developed CFIDS as well. She responded very well to the CFIDS Protocol and reported not only successful reversal of Chronic fatigue but also complete elimination of lesions associatied with Chron's disease! This was documented by endoscopic imaging and her internist's report. This exciting case history is the first documented successful reversal of Chron's disease as well.

Dramatic improvements were reported by HIV patients as well. This is very interesting taking into account numerous immunological similarities in HIV and CFIDS patients and warrants further research in therapeutical administration of antioxidants in HIV patients.

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NAME Mrs. Helen Power DATE 08/10/2003
REFERRED BY Dr. M Witthuhn Our Ref.: 4734

TIMING Examination (elective routine). It is a diagnostic procedure.
CLINICAL Chronic diarrhoea, Crohns surveillance and.
BOWEL PREPARATION With Kleen-prep (PEG). Quality: clear liquids: excellent exclusion value.
LEVEL REACHED Terminal ileum.
COLON Normal. Evidence of previous surgery: ileo-colonic anastomosis.
ANUS Non-bleeding haemorrhoids.
ACTION POST Can be discharged.
PROCEDURE FOLLOW UP Review in outpatients in 1 week(s)

Endoscopic imaging of H. Power's gastro-intestinal system

Update on my situtation

Colonososcopy report froni Dr Teichert (attached).
He was very pleased that there was NO sign of any disease in the 1.3 metres of bowel that he examined. It was all in a normal heal state. This is wonderful news
Blood results LET, FBC, ESR & CRP (see attached)
Dr Wolovitz - Rosebank Clinic Friday 10 October (3rd opinion) I took the x rays reports and blood test results with me. After getting my medical history, looking at tha results. etc. he asked if he could keep everything to discuss with some of his colleagues and radiologists. He says it is evident that the liver has narrowing of the ducts but it is important that they establish whether the inter hepatic ducts are involved or just the main ducts. He will contact me next week re diagnosis.
He was not able to say that your programme could reverse the liver damage but my appearance and the good colonoscopy and blood results indicated that it is very beneficial. At this stage I do not need medication that had been suggested by Dr de Vos (see attached ERCP report from 28 October) but he recommended that I follow Dr Teichert’s advice and have regular blood tests - say, every 3 months, to monitor my condition
My blood pressure has been very low - lower thar usual It was 86/60.
Friday 3/10103 at Pre-admissions. It was 90/60 before the cofonoscopy on 8/10 and after I was discharged I fainted at the front of tne hospital. It was about 4 hours after the sedation (Dormicum Pethidene I think) and I had also eaten lunch. I was returned to the ward in a wheelchair and my BP was 70/40. was given 2 litres of IV fluid which brought it up to 80/60 and I naIIy got home early eveni
Started another programme. You mentioned that, with more information, you wou be able to focus on the problem areas for the second month and it would ot be as intensive as last time. I wait to hear from you.


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