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2005 report Susscessful recovery of Tessa Goldblatt

P O Box 2294

Email: tessalgo@telkomsa.net

28 September 2005

Dear Dr Petrovic


Ever since a baby I have suffered with coughs, ear and lung problems (bronchitis) having my lungs drained every two years. In fact one of my lungs became so diseased that I nearly lost it. However, the last time my lungs were drained was at nine years old. At the young age of 5 years I had my tonsils and adenoids removed and thereafter had mumps, measles and chicken pox.

I got Iritis ( a outward manifestation in the pupils of an inward condition) where I missed four months of my first year at High School. As no cause was found, I was placed on cortizone.

I had glandular fever from fifteen years old and this continued for many years with sinusitis, sore throats and ears, encephalitis.

In 1990 I was diagnosed with endogenous depression for which I was medicated by anti-depressants and finally with Tyrosine, an amino-acid.

Although I was working, I became more and more fatigued, coming home and resting most of the afternoons. During this time I had sinus operations, recurrance of iritis, dizzy spells and earache. My ENT specialist noted I had T.M.J. – Temporo Mandibular Joint Syndrome which needed to be treated with braces on my teeth.

From thirty-five years to thirty-seven years old I wore braces which seemed to have a very adverse psychological and physical effect on my health. My depression became worse where I suffered from panic attacks, social phobias which affected me by not being able to even go to the shops. I found my legs were so weak that I could not stand for a long time and had dizzy spells. I was constantly tired.

During the last three years these symptoms steadily got worse but with God’s help I tried to overcome the panic attacks.

In September 2004, Helen Power’s sister-in-law suggested that I fill out Dr Petrovic’s CFIDS questionaire as she(Helen) had been so successfully treated by him.

Because I had a large number of symptoms of CFIDS, Dr Petrovic suggested I contact him for an appointment . Although these symptoms had been treated separately by different doctors, no-one had actually diagnosed them as one illness.

I started Dr Petrovic’s treatment in November 2004 and it was wonderful to find a doctor who understood and could relate to my condition. My mother and I were rather sceptical of his treatment at first but as I began to feel better, I decided not to give up although there were times when I felt tempted to do this.

It is now eleven months since starting on this treatment and Dr Petrovic himself is surprised at the very positive response I have had.

People remark on the condition of my skin, the brightness in my eyes, my enthusiasm and the whole change in my health and attitude to life. I now only suffer from mild panic attacks and have learnt to face social situations such as voluntary charitable work, church meetings, joining single groups and becoming more involved in my part-time work. I still have to watch that I do not overdo activities as I then get very tired. I am able to cope more and do not keep resting as I used to do.

Being a committed Christian, I believe I was led to Dr Petrovic and that God has used him to better my health. I give thanks to the Lord for His continued healing and without His strength I could never have got this far.

I am also grateful for the years of support by my mother, friends and my church family.

God is the healer and uses others as instruments to heal people.

I look forward to healthier days ahead.

I hope more people who suffer from CFIDS will find Dr Petrovic and follow his advice and treatment. I wish Dr Petrovic continued success and research in this area as he seems to be one of the few specialists in this field to actually get positive results.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely



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