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Sheri Clark moved back to the USA . She may be contacted at <BlueMoonlnn@aol.com>

Sheri Clark 21 Walton Road
Germiston 1401

Phone 083 310-6209
Home Phone 872-4523

08 May 1997
Nash Petrovic
P.O. Box 391
Dear Nash,

During the December holidays in 1992, myself, my family and two other couples camped at a mosquito-infested area at the Vaal Dam. Two weeks later one of the women that had been with us was hospitalised with what seemed to be malaria She was in hospital for 5 days, malaria was not found and she was sent home never having learnt what caused her symptoms. One week later I was hospitalised with the exact same symptoms --- raging fever, delirium, swollen spleen, terrible sweats, racing pulse and a feeling of ball bearings racing around in my head if I sat up. The doctors told me that my blood was totally infested with "parasites". Two days later they told me the so-called parasites were Epstein Barr Virus. I was treated with Beriglobin injections and given four sachets of Vitathion Per day and released on the seventh day and ordered to complete bed rest for a further four weeks. I had the Beriglobin injections every six weeks for the rest of the year. The following year (1994) I only had the injection at the beginning of the flu season- I was told I would suffer from Epstein Barr for the rest of my life. The minute I got a sniffle or sign of illness I was prescribed a concoction of prescription medicines

For the next three years I lived on a combination of antibiotics and flu medications-. --- Augmenin, Klacid. Cedax, Ilvico, Bisolvin Lnt, Sinumax Co- Locabiotal. Flixonase----and the list goes on. I was never well and somehow felt lucky if I had a week without flu. If I exercised I became bedridden. My whole life was falling apart and I was only in my late thirties. The symptoms progressively worsened. I became anti-social, was unable to concentrate and feared losing my job. I was unable to cope with my four children and spent the afternoons lying on the bed and screaming at the children for absolutely no reason. The thought of hosting a dinner party or going out socially was daunting. My husband had little or no sympathy for my condition and frankly thought I was always just making excuses He carried on going out without me and we started drifting apart. He resented me for being unavailable and I resented him for not loving me enough to understand

The beginning of f 1997 I was at crisis point. I made a conscious decision to stop going to my doctor and stop all prescription medicines and look for a natural alternative. My mom (who resides in the US) contacted the Disease Control Center in Atlanta Georgia seeking dietary advise and found Your article on M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on the Internet. On January 13th l997 I realised I had been suffering with M.E. for the past three years after reading your article. I had every symptom mentioned in your article except heart palpitations and it was quite liberating to see it all in print. Someone understood!

I started with your antioxidant supplement program at the end Of January 1997. The results were almost immediate The headache I had lived with continually, aching muscles, constipation, nausea, flu symptoms, mood swings...they all disappeared in the first week. My (non existent short term memory has *now returned. The cherry on top is that I no longer suffer from the chronic fatigue. A person can always manage to cope with headache or nausea etc., but to be chronically fatigued one cannot live a normal existence.

I completed a triathlon in March 1997 (5 km paddle, 10 km cycle, and 3 km run) and have never looked back.

My nine-year-old daughter amazed our family doctor -when she recovered so quickly from acute Coxsackie

The doctor did not know you had put her on an antioxidant program as well Now all my children take the antioxidants and I have not seen a doctor or a chemist in three months ------ and for four children aged between and twelve. This is just short of miraculous.

The swallowing of the pills was extremely difficult for me. I urge your manufacturers to find ways to make these antioxidants in liquid form. For children to take these (capsules and tablets.) is near impossible

Four months down the road I feel that I am fully recovered. I feel a deep resentment toward my family doctor for never giving me a correct diagnosis and pumping me full of prescription medicines. I'm sure the combined side effects of all the above mentioned only worsened my condition I lost three years, of my life and came dangerously close to losing my husband.

I thank God that there are people like you who truly have an interest in seeing that people get well- Your whole approach to health makes complete and utter sense to me, I only wish I had met you sooner.

My deepest thanks 10 you Nash for dedicating your life for the benefit of others.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein

Thanks for my miracle

Yours Sincerely,




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