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Elizabeth Higgs

P 0 Box 85152
Tel +27-11-726-6862
1 August 1996

Dear Dr Petrovic

I would like to thank you for the care and interest with which you have handled my case over the past seven weeks. Particularly during the early days of my treatment, your kindness and encouragement were invaluable.

Your optimism that I would respond to your treatment was well-founded! The improvement was not immediate and as you know, was complicated by a chronic sinus/inner ear infection, which appears to have been masked by ME symptoms for many months.

Although my Progress has been slower than average, it has been substantial Now in my seventh week of treatment, I can honestly say that with your help, I know I have beaten M.E.

I am now generally free of pain in my limbs, back and neck. The constant, debilitating headache and terrible brain fog have lifted. (I still have a slight sinus headache, which I am sure will reduce once the infection has totally cleared.) I am far less tired, and am able to get through each day without collapsing for hours. My vision is clearer. That permanent all-over icy coldness has been replaced by a healthy warmth. My feet are no longer frozen and blue. MY extreme sensitivity to noise has normalised. I sleep better. I am no longer plagued by nightmlares. I no longer shiver, jerk and tremble uncontrollably. The drenching night sweats have virtually stopped. My hair has stopped falling out in bunches, and is starting to grow at a normal rate again.

My memory has started to improve. My ability to concentrate increases daily. Two months ago, I was unable to read a book, hold a conversation or even follow a simple TV programme. What a pleasure it is to be able to read without the letters blurring over!

I have started experiencing an intense feeling of joy. I am looking forward to the future. I feel motivated. excited and happy to be alive.

My business had virtually collapsed, and I am now starting to work again with an ease and enthusiasm that I haven't felt in years.

Looking back on the horror that was ME, I believe I had suffered from this indescribably dreadful illness for 30 years or longer, although my condition was only diagnosed three and a half years ago.

Like most of your other patients, I bad spent years (and thousands of rands) consulting doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists. Nobody was able help me. More than a few doctors tried to convince me that I was psychologically disturbed, or at very least neurotically hypochondriacal. My condition deteriorated, and I turned to alternative/complementary medicine, These yielded no relief. In desperation I resorted to taking patent food supplements and herbal treatments. None of these helped.

When I first consulted you, I was desperate. And I was sceptical. I had been let down so many times, and felt that if your treatment didn't work, life would hardly he worth the effort.

To patients of yours who, like me, are not experiencing almost miraculous overnight relief, I would like to say: "DON'T GIVE UP!" The pills aren't easy to swallow when you're feeling nauseous, and it's hard not to feel disappointed when the relief you're hoping for doesn't occur overnight.

During the first couple of weeks' treatment, I sometimes felt even worse than I had before consulting you But Your Unfaltering optimism, together with other patients' testimonials helped to keep me going. I hope that this letter may do the same for sufferers who have been brainwashed into believing that they may take years to recover, or worse still, that ME is incurable.

I still have a way to go, but at the rate that I am improving, I don't think it will be long before I can enjoy exercising, getting myself into shape and living life to the full.

Yours very sincerely
Elizabeth Higgs



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