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Simon P. Nichols

15 April 1996

Dear Dr. Petrovic

Two years ago while on a business trip I awoke one morning with blurred vision and incredible pressure at the front of my head. I also experienced mild fever, turning hot and cold, cramps in my muscles, shaky, nausea. Lack of concentration, generally I felt like death warmed up.

My unpleasant experience with the medical field had just begun from optometrists, specialists, lumber punctures, cat scans, e.e.g.'s. Life became a maze of see this doctor, take this, do and don't do this. By January of 1996 I was at my wits end, the depression was so bad that I stopped carrying my firearm for fear of trying to end this hell that I was in, I hadn't played sport or done any exercise in all this time. My work and social life suffered as I would wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, get through 3 or 4 hours of the day, by then I could not keep my eyes open, I would sleep next to the road or go home and sleep till 5 PM and would be and would be back in bed by +/- 8pm till 6am. No matter how much slept I was always tired and my energy was being drained daily, I was now being told by management that I was falling off the rails at work and had better pull up my socks.

It was at this point that a family member gave me Dr. Petrovic's telephone number, an appointment was made for 16 march 1996 which lasted three hours, I must admit I was very apprehensive but decided it was worth trying. I obtained finance from my company who have dealt with this problem in an unbelievable manner. After one week on the programme I had improved 80%. My zest for life had returned and I had a lot more energy. The 2nd and 3rd week were very much stabilised, with the lesser of the symptoms clearing up so much so that over the long weekend, being easier, a spur of the moment discussion took me to Durban, I drove down, partied until 2 in the morning and drove back on Sunday.

At the end of my one month period all my symptoms have cleared barring a mild fluctuation in my focus and slight distant feeling. I feel terrific ( over the moon ). I sleep well even when I go to bed late at night. I have improved by 200% and feel totally rejuvenated. I now begin my 2nd programme and look forward to even more results.

To Dr Petrovic, Thank you for giving me a 2nd life, a new life.


Simon Nichols

TEL: (W) +27 11 674 5555



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