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Glenda Cohen


TO: Dr Nash Petrovic
COMPANY: Petrovic Health Clinic
FAX NO: 456-9210
FROM. Glenda Cohen
DATE: 25 October 1995
REF: My Treatment

Dear Nash

My consultation with you was on Saturday 14 October where I requested assistance with the following problems I was experiencing:

Chronic Fatigue
Candida Albicans
Weight Control
I began your treatment on Saturday at lunch time and thus far have experienced the following results:

A mild nausea for two days which was entirely gone by Monday 16 October.
On Monday 16 October I went socializing until 00h30 in the morning; while on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights ) worked until 01 h00 and was again out on Friday night until midnight. I have not been able to work successfully past 22hOO for many nights and even that was only sustainable for one or two nights in a row.
Saturday and Sunday were extremely busy and although I finally collapsedat 21 h00 on Monday 23 October by Tuesday I was refreshed and ready to carry on.
am experiencing decreasing symptoms of a 'muggy' head in the mornings on waking, and although I feel tired due to lack of sleep once I am awake 11 feel refreshed and relatively clear headed.
In general my mood has lifted somewhat, but I am not expecting an overnight recovery in this area.
The only negative symptom I have experienced thus far is no weight loss and I am feeling somewhat bloated at present. This began about 4 days into the treatment and is becoming a little worse.
I have had feedback from two other people whom you are currently treating:
My mother has experienced increased energy levels and a tingling sensation in her leg in which she has the thrombosis.

Johann Nel has experienced dramatic relief from his exhaustion as a result of Yuppie Flu within 2 days.

Many thanks for your help and advice as always. Your work in unique and valuable and I will continue to do what ever I can to promote the value of what you are to achieve.

Kind regards,

Glenda Cohen.



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