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Bruce Taylor
(Case Study- Age 32) DiagnosedME patient (November 1995)

Commenced course of Micronutrients and Antioxidants 14 December 1995 -14 January 1996.

It was after returning from an overseas holiday to Australia that I first started experiencing some of the symptoms of what was later diagnosed as the ME virus. This was back in March 1995. We had been looking forward to a nice break and I had been working particularly hard prior to our holiday, But while on holiday I found myself feeling exhausted after what seemed the most trivial exertion, I assumed it was in reaction to the hustle and bustle, in the weeks leading up to our trip, As with all holidays, it flashed by very quickly.

On our return I was unable to shake a head cold and post-nasal drip and a continual feeling of tiredness. I did think I had picked it up in Australia. On most evenings I would go to bed feeling listless and lethargic and felt very run-down, The holiday Had obviously not been as relaxing as we had wanted. My wife encouraged me to see our local doctor, but I declined, It was only when I started experiencing chess pains that I became concerned, My family has a history of high cholesterol and cardiac ailments my father had a quadruple bypass eight years ago and my brother and sister both have extremely high levels of cholesterol for which they take medication.

In April I underwent a full check-up including an ECG and accompanying tests. Nothing was noticeably out of the ordinary - cholesterol levels were slightly high) but not abnormal and my heart was In great shape,. In fact the doctor told me I was surprisingly fit for someone, who did minimal exercise, Th.. cold and "flu" symptoms continued, as well as tile occasional chest pains. I was getting increasingly lethargic.

In June I returned to the doctor with the same 'flu symptoms. (I had a continual cold for the whole winter), and I was fed up with the state I was in - there had to be a cure. I still was getting chest pains (usually once, I had gone to bed), although they hadn't increased in severity or occurrence. This time, X. rays of my chest were done and several blood tests were taken. These tests showed up a low-grade glandular fever for which there was no treatment except to "take it easy". As far as the cold was concerned there was little to be done except take the flu capsules available at pharmacies. He also recommended that I perhaps take some, form of vitamins to supplement my diet. I started to feel like a hypochondriac as I new something was wrong but the doctor couldn't pinpoint the cause. The X-rays, showed nothing out of the ordinary, The pains were diagnosed as being muscular or nerve spasms between my ribs.

I started a course of Golden Product Vitamins and within days I was feeling a lot better. In fact I started playing tennis for an hour or two once a week The cleared and I felt a lot more energetic. I was still incredibly tired by the time I went to bed and battled to get up in the mornings, but at least the cold and 'flu had gone The muscles still ached but I assumed that was partly due to the exercise. Within a day or so of finishing the month-long course of vitamins, I began feeling awful again. A severe cold and sore throat, muscle ache and a stuffiness of the bend, 81"911( memory loss and lethargy set in. I immediately .restarted another months course of vitamins and again noticed a marked improvement, I had been informed though that a one-month course of vitamins was enough for life and I was now on my second course within days of finishing the first. This in itself was worrying. By the end of October the second course was finished and I had another relapse.

I then made an appointment (November, '95) to see a specialist at the, Millpark Hospital, I felt too embarrassed to return to my local doctor as he had found nothing of major importance wrong with me. Again several blood tests were taken and another ECG was done. It was after the results came back that the specialist informed me that I was suffering front the symptoms for "Yuppie 'Flu". The Coxsackie virus was present in my system, The good news was that it wasn't as yet fully blown. The bad news was that very little was known about the virus and nothing in particular could be prescribed as a cure. I was told to get as much rest and relaxation as possible (with the end-of-year rush and Christmas rapidly approaching!); stay out of the sun (in summer!); stop playing sport or exerting myself altogether; stop swimming in the pool; stop drinking (beer particularly); and in general watch my diet, although specific ((can haves" and "can't haves" were not available. I was requested to come back in the New Year for reassessment.

Shortly thereafter (early December '95), any wife pointed out an article in the Sandton Chronicle, about the success Dr, Petrovic had been getting treating M.E. patients. An appointment was made and I saw Dr. Petrovic for the first time on 11 December 1995. He confirmed that I had the virus and a course of micronutrients and antioxidants was recommended. Here is a brief run down on how I have reacted to the course.

Started course on 14 December 1995

Symptoms at the time:

Extreme tiredness and lethargy
Cold (post-nasal drip), and stuffiness in my head
Tenderness of the eyes
Sore throat
Muscle pain (chest area)
Arms and shoulders (in particular) ached
Unable to motivate myself
Slight depression (because of the way I was feeling)
19 December 1995

We spent that first weekend in the Eastern Transvaal. After two days I noticed a definite

improvement. The cold was on the wane, the throat was clearing and I felt more energetic. We even did a walk (about 2km) down to the river, For the first time, I felt confident that something was "happening". Over the next ten days I steadily improved (nothing dramatic), and started to feel like my old self again.

4 January 1996

I am now in my final ten days of the course. The cold along with the stuffiness and sore throat haven't returned, the muscle-ache has gone and no further chest pains have been felt. I feel enthusiastic about the. coming year and am looking forward to an active social life. I have played a couple of games of golf during the Christmas break and am looking forward to playing tennis once a week again, I know that during the Christmas period it was extremely difficult to stick to any form of "diet", but I have tried as best possible to refrain from the various items on the "can eat" and "can't eat" list supplied.

Obviously I am now concerned that once I have finished the course of micronutrients and antioxidants the symptoms will return. This we will have, to wait for and see, The only drawback I have experienced during the course is that I haven't lost any weight. This may have been due to (he overindulgences of the Festive Season, I had hoped to lose 5 kilograms but haven't as yet.



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