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Mrs E Meyer


Background of ME as Experienced by Myself


In 1984 I was under severe stress in my personal life as well as in my working environment.

Suddenly one day I developed severe pains in my chest and the left side of my back together with twitching of nerves in my back, arms and legs. I was also very tired and could not get over the tiredness. I was referred to a professor.

At that time several tests, meeting with neurologists, extensive x-rays etc. were done but the medical profession was unable to find anything significant to be wrong.

For the first time in my life I heard the word 'Yuppie Flu'. The Professor mentioned to me that I might have this disease, but the disease was not well known in South Africa and not many medical people knew about it.

I was hospitalised for several weeks and I recovered very slowly from the relapse, but was not the same as what I was before the relapse.The actual change from my previous state before the relapse was so slight that it was not easily noticeable.

As the years went by, the relapse period became more frequent and the severity of each following relapse became worse. Every time I recovered from the relapse and went into a remission period, the recovery was less than the previous time. This was all a gradual change and a person learns to live with it attributing it to age. Eventually it becomes so bad that there is no recovery or remission at all.

During the past 10 years I was subjected to several viral infections including the Coxsackie virus.

The pains in my hands were so severe that I was unable to wash myself. I had continual pains in my chest and my back, my wrists and my hands. I also had twitching of my nerves and weakness in my arms and legs. The feeling of fatigue continued and every time after a relapse the recovery and remission period would be less than the previous time and I would become more and more tired

As the years went by. The physical symptoms and fatigue became worse.My physical state deteriorated gradually on an ongoing basis. Medically there was nothing that could be done for me. I landed up in hospital on many occasions and was off work regularly.

Due to continuous fatigue and pains in my body. I became negative and was continually depressed. I suffered from severe PMS. Using hormone tablets only made my whole physical and mental condition worse. There seemed to be no solution and this depressed me even more.

I was continually tired and could no longer cope with my job or my personal life. Life became unbearable as I was unable to perform even menial tasks. I had no energy to dress myself or go to work whilst suffering severe pains in my body. I no longer wanted to be married and wanted to commit suicide as I was unable to cope with my life physically and mentally.

In February 1994 I had a major relapse. My mental ability deteriorated significantly (the worst it has ever been) and the pains in my body became unbearable. I lost my memory, my reflexes were bad, my co-ordination was very poor, I had no energy, I had bad mood swings, severe depression, severe PMS, severe twitching of nerves ~n my back, legs and arms, severe weakness in my arms and legs, inability to concentrate. I was unable to pick up a plate, I could barely walk.

I was unable to recover from this major relapse. Continual fatigue and tiredness became part of my daily existence. My mind just would not work which led to frustration. My marriage and my job was in severe jeopardy. I no longer cared about anything or anyone, all I wanted to do was to withdraw from everything and everyone and sleep. In actual fact, I no longer wanted to live. wanted to die as there was no quality of life left for me and I realised if I did not recover, I would lose everything that was important to me such as my marriage and my job!! I was desperate at the time when I was introduced to Dr Nash.

My View of Dr Nash's Treatment:

At the end Of April, I commenced with Dr Nash's treatment and 4 days after commencement, I had a surge of energy.

Since then there has been a gradual overall improvement in my physical state as well as my mental state. My energy levels gradually started improving and I was now able to perform the smaller tasks which was too much for me before.

As the days have gone by, I have been feeling better and better and less

and less tired.

There are very few side effects caused by the medication. The only side effect experienced was an increase in weight and appetite in the first month. I however feel this is a relatively small sacrifice to make for the sake of good health.

It is now 2 months after treatment has commenced and there has been a phenomenal improvement in my physical, mental and fatigued state. I have a positive outlook on life as I no longer are negative and depressed because I no longer have to cope with physical pains and fatigue.

I am coping well in my job and there has been a great improvement in my ,marriage. My mental state has improved daily since treatment and I have had no bouts of depression since. My memory, co-ordination, concentration, reflexes and mental ability have all improved. My quality of life has increased significantly!

This gradual improvement continued, irrespective of the fact that I had a bad flu virus. Before starting treatment, I was unable to get rid of flu. This time, I got rid of it fairly quickly. My PMS has also improved.

During the past years when I went into a state of remission, I had not felt as energetic as I do now. For the first time am I now able to carry on with my life.

For the first time in my life I feel like a normal human being again, my quality of life has increased and I am extremely grateful to Dr Nash!!



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