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CFS great recovery story and 22 years without any relapses after recovery on the CFIDS Protocol! ( 2018 Report)


The year 1996 - I received a call from my cousin who had also suffered from CFS, he had seen Dr Nash on a South African Television show he made contact, treatment had started and he was healed. My cousin had heard about me and he strongly recommended that I see Dr Nash.
Well, if you are reading this letter, it means that you too need help and will understand my desperation. My marriage was in trouble my husband thought "it was all in the head" and I was to get over myself It. This was a lonely time and all I wanted was to be well and live again. I had more contact with Doctors than with my own husband. We had two children the eldest daughter was nine and the sad thing was, I had missed out on so much of her "little" life, as the sofa was our meeting place. I was tired, weak and always sick, the smallest task caused me to lie down. I could hardly pick up my baby girl that was two years old, let alone play with her. When I tried to cook, I had to support myself on the stove. Talking on the phone was difficult, just trying to hold a conversation and then not even remembering who the caller was or what they had said. Friends didn´t exist. I never noticed the sun shining or the wind blowing, my world had become a very dark place. As far as the Medical profession went, you name it, it had been tried! I was advised that the best thing for me was to have a blood transfusion come in once or twice a week for a Vitamin B12 injection. I was told I would never lead a regular life again, no working, sport or even driving my car which by the way was difficult to do because I could not focus properly or concentrate. My husband was beside himself, I can only imagine what it was like for him, he was losing his wife, and the children had lost their mother. I had lost myself!
After making the call for the appointment with Dr Nash, I wondered if this was really going to work, I remembered my cousin telling me how he had lost his business, their home, his children had being taken out of private schooling and he almost lost his wife..but his life was perfect again. On meeting Dr Nash, it was wonderful to finally meet someone who truly understood where I was..he spoke my language! Meaning we were on the same page!
That was when I learned the difference between sympathy and empathy! I went through the medical check list and reading other people´s testimonies, I realized "I´m not alone."
I finally had hope! My treatment plan made perfect sense to me, due to my lack of knowledge, I had abused my body. Once Dr Nash had worked through everything with me he opened a new world. I was so wanting change, just to be normal again to be a mother and wife I was desperate. The treatment was like having your motor cars engine overhauled (excuse the pun.) Now with my problems being sourced the treatment plan had started, I also had to change my life style.. To feel the change! The results were amazing, within twelve hours, I remember it was the day before my birthday and I felt a difference, I was smiling, I even noticed the leaves on the tree, I saw the different shades of green everything looked bright and alive, and the sun "Vitamin D" melted into my body, it had been a while since actually sitting in the garden and that was the beginning of a beautiful journey.. I had life again! The people close to me could not believe the changes that were taking place they were waiting for me to crash, but I only got stronger and stronger. Thank you so much Dr Nash, you are wonderful!! HEALTHY BODY - HEALTHY MIND IF IT WORKED FOR ME, IT WILL WORK FOR YOU TOO... P.S. Feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions.

Kind regardsbr
Geraldine Hartzenberg
January 2018

Contact e-mail : geraldine.hartzenberg@gmail.com


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