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6th July 1995

Less than 3 months ago, I was convinced I would never be normal again. I had been diagnosed as having M.E. by the president of the M.E. research foundation. Every day of my life I was plagued by those horrible M.E. symptoms - extreme fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, sharp pains in my chest, unbearable headaches and backaches, insomnia, depression and a failing memory to name but a few of the symptoms - and then I was introduced to Dr Nash Petrovic and his method of using Bio Antioxidants and supplements in treating M.E.

Dr Nash Petrovic's medication has cured my M.E. condition miraculously. I started this treatment on the 10th April '95 and after the first 2 days of consuming these Bio Anti-Oxidants and Supplements, I was so full of energy that I jumped on the trampoline, took my bulldog for a run and danced to my favourite music - and this as opposed to the quality of life I had become used to eg lazing on the couch and attempting to concentrate on a cartoon or some other simple tv programme whilst trying to forget about some or other body ache. The sunday before I commenced with the treatment I could hardly get out of bed

I have read a number of books without battling to concentrate, my school work has become a lot easier - I am now able to pay attention in class and hold a decent conversation with my parents and my friends. I feel a lot more confident about myself and I now see - once again - why it's worth getting up every morning.

While I had M.E. I never understood how people had the energy to run, swim and play sport - or how I ever used to manage my busy day of running, cycling, swimming and studying. I wondered whether I would ever be an "A" student again.

Now, it is not too much effort to do things anymore. I played in the U16A netball team for school - we won our league. I ran in the 1500m; 800m; and the relay for Tawney House in the Allen Glen High's interhouse athletics day that was held on Wednesday 5th July '95. I was placed 7th in the long distance events. I did not experience a single M.E. symptom whatsoever.

I feel as if I can live again. My days and weeks have been so good that I have forgotten what it is like to experience the excruciating pain and depression I used to - all I know is that my life was really a drag compared to the excitement of healthiness I am experiencing now. At first I thought I was dreaming and that I would wake up to the nightmlare that I used to experience. Thank goodness it is not just a dream - it is the life that a normal person is able to lead - if not better due to the fact that I now appreciate what I have a lot more than I used to - so Myalgic Encephalomyelitis does have at least one positive point.

I look forward to catching up on all that I have missed during my unfortunate condition; I know that I have a lot of hard work in store for me now and in the future. It was so wonderful for me to be able to look into the mirror and see the healthy girl I vaguely remember - the girl with sparkling eyes, full of energy.

All my teachers have noticed a distinct difference in me; my friends cannot believe the change in me and my parents have visualised a miracle right before their eyes. I feel absolutely great. I praise the Lord for helping us make the right decision in using Dr. Nash's treatment.

I personally urge all M.E. sufferers to really consider consultong Dr. Nash and giving his miraculous medication a try. You'll be in heaven!







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