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Fascinating accomplishments of a prominent UK ( London based) architect after his after successful recovery from CFS on the CFIDS Protocol! 21 years without any relapses! ( 2018 Report)


This patient ( London , UK) was completely incapacitated due to his progressive CFIDS. After his complete recovery on the CFIDS Protocol in 1997 , he has been without any relapses for almost 21 years by now ( 2018)! His up to date Sept 2018 health status report that follows below provides very precise insight into his current energy level and numerous accomplishments!

This patient was in his early thirties when he started the CFIDS Protocol , after having suffered from CFIDS as well as from an underlying medical problem ( diabetes) for several years. Prior to commencing the CFIDS Protocol in 1997 he had been treated for CFIDS by numerous top UK specialists based in the Harley St in London without any therapeutic success.\

Thanks Nash,

That is very helpful.

I am living a very hectic lifestyle now! which thanks to you I am very grateful for.

I am working on a new PhD, running two very busy practices, playing badminton twice a week, carrying out a lot of charity work and supporting a busy family life.

Many thanks Nash, great to hear that you are making such excellent progress!

Gary Winn



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