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Happy patient from Chicago! Seeing the light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel! My only regret is that I hadn't found you sooner!( March 2017 , Dec 2017 and March 2019 Reports)


March 2017 report:

Dear Dr Petrovic

My daughter is getting married this year, and I am in the process of recovering from CFIDS, as well as planning a wedding . We went shopping yesterday and walked up and down our cities streets, visiting some of the dress boutiques, and I had a hard time keeping up with the pace. We had to keep pulling over to take breaks. I was feeling frustrated, getting "flash backs' remembering that only a few years ago, I was able to walk up and down the streets (no problem) with more strength, during more frequent periods of "remission" not even being on any form of treatment. And now, while being on active therapy ( day 10, month 5) I was currently struggling. This is where the testimonies you had shared with me have really helped. It is very comforting to know that there are many others just like me , with similar stories. My only regret is that I hadn't found you sooner. There are many medical names for this condition, (post-viral fatigue, ME, CFS, Yuppie flu, etc, etc.). and I basically missed the "hit" to your website, until I became more familiar and educated with just yet another name under the "CFIDS" terminology, many years later.



Dec 2017 report:

Dear Dr Petrovic:

I hope you received my labs that I just sent over.

I'm successfully responding very well on UHP CFIDS Protocol , as I continue to notice the uplifting changes. I feel extremely close to seeing the light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.

As my health condition continues to transform for the better, so do many of my personal relationships. Yesterday, my daughter sent me a photo (below) taken last July. I remember this day quite well, having to sit for the duration of the event , barely able to walk, because of a set-back mid-way through treatment.

Thank you for getting me this far , and I hope you have a very happy holiday season!



March 2019 report

Dear Dr Petrovic.

I feel surprisingly well! You are most certainly an extraordinary and very special physician. I hope your successes and recovery stories continue endlessly, throughout the many years to come.




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