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Successful recovery of an Australian Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS/CFS) sufferer : Able to swim and take bike rides in Fiji ! ( 2015 report)


Hi Dr Nash,

My trip to Fiji went well, thank you, with only slight fluctuation on my return to Australia. I took care to eat appropriately, and got plenty of rest. During my time in Fiji, I was able to go swimming and take leisurely bike rides without any severe extended fatigue, nor did the heat affect me in any way. I did receive a small gash to my foot from some coral however, I managed to keep it free from infection and has healed fully, which is a great response I think.

The severity of fatigue has of course become much more manageable, and I feel much more treatable, in maintaining my meds, diet and really taking rest I am noticing the capacity I have to continue to recover.

Again, the reduction in headaches alone has been an absolute blessing, as well as the length/severity. The blinding headaches which were incapacitating and were experienced daily, are scaled back to maybe 3 really severe days in the last month.

Heart palpitations have steadied in severity and quantity, with the occurrence being now an abnormality, rather than the normality it used to be.


Monica S.


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