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Another phenomenal recovery report from the USA! From incapacitated CFS (CFIDS) patient to a most successful businesswoman who regularly does weight lifting, cardio , kick-boxing and other heavy workouts! ( January 2018 and September 2018 Health Status Updates)


Julie N . ( based in Los Angeles, treated by top Beverly Hills based MD's inclusive of well known and, televised MDs etc.to absolute no avail, reports on her experience with the CFIDS Protocol- January 2018 and Sept 2018 Health Status Reports/ Updates) follow below.

January 2018 Update

Hello Doctor,

Overall I am very well, and energy still vastly improved
Answers to your specific questions are below.

-How would you describe your appetite and have you been putting or losing weight ?

My appetite is good/normal, as it always has been. This never really changes. I have been gained about 15 pounds of muscle over the last several months, as I am lifting heavy weights regularly now and also taken up kickboxing. This is I believe the best/strongest shape I have ever been in! -How much has your energy level increased since the beginning of treatment? I started at level 1 (from 0-10 energy level) last fall... I would say I now average an 8.5! t I am now able to do the physical activities of my life again! It's nice to take a break from work and hit the gym, run to the store, volunteer at church, etc... life feels a lot more rounded out .

-Have your family members/ friends observed improvement of your physical condition?

Yes!! very much, and everyone also complements how fit and strong I look.
Thanks for everything, Doctor! I hope your work and research are continuing well and successful always! sincerely,


September 2018 Health Status Update

Hello Doctor,

My energy is still improved, I have been able to make incredible gains/progress with my bodybuilding. I have gained almost 40 pounds, all muscle, in about 2 years time. I feel stronger than ever, and this is in large part due to your protocol allowing me the energy to do my difficult/heavy workouts.
Thank you! br Julie


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