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Mrs. Snelling's report on her successful recovery from Fibromyalgia & CFIDS - March 2000

Email available upon request
Additional comments : Mrs. Snelling's husband is employed with the Canadian Scientific Research Council
On 3 Mar 00, at 19:59, suzanne snelling wrote:
Date sent: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 19:59:00 -0800 (PST)

To: "N. Pet" <longvita@yebo.co.za>
March 3, 2000

Testimonial about my recovery from Fibromyalgia on the Dr. Nash Petrovics protocol About 15 years ago I had a flu-like illness which
was going around. Other people got over it, but mine hung on until December of 1999( after completing the 5-month protocol of Dr. Nash Petrovic.) Sometimes I thought I was getting better. Usually, I was badly surprised by a worsening of symptoms. I was achy all over, had trouble moving any part of my body without pain and stiffness. Even when I did not move I was in severe pain every day. I was depressed all the time. I was tired all the time- no matter how long I slept. I went to bed right after supper or sometimes didnt even get up for a day or more. I couldnt think properly. I was confused, couldnt do simple arithmetic, couldnt remember the names of the plants in my garden which I had known for years. I would be driving in the car and suddenly not know where I was going. I would be playing the violin in a symphony orchestra concert and suddenly not know where I was in the music. I had continual sinus drainage, my right ear was blocked often, I had a constant cough, my vision was poor at times. My chest was tight; my fingers tingled. I was very weak. My digestion was poor; either I was constipated or had diarrhea. The list goes on. I consulted many doctors-most of whom thought it was all in my head. This was discouraging. Besides feeling physically awful I then suffered from guilt. Holistic doctors treated me with diet and yeast-fighting medications which helped somewhat for a time. I tried to exercise, but it only made me worse.
I listened to healing tapes, went for physical therapy and massages. Nothing worked. I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 3 years ago and then told there was no treatment for it.

I was fortunate to know Laura Adjemian who had a miraculous recovery from CFIDS on the Petrovic protocol. She and her husband, Christian, strongly encouraged me to follow Lauras example, and I am so grateful I did. I started Dr. Petrovics protocol in July,1999 and by the end of the five-month protocol all my former symptoms of fibromyalgia had disappeared. I am on a 4-month follow-up treatment to get rid of the arthritis in my legs. I feel very well. Ive started a fitness program at the gym. I now wake up refreshed and eager to face each day!

Suzanne Snelling



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