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Report from a grateful CFIDS patient from Australia - Jun 2001

Contact : <cstanko@hotmail.com>
From: "Chris Stanko" <cstanko7@hotmail.com>
To: longvita@yebo.co.za
BCC to: Date sent: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 13:01:05 +1000

Hello Dr. Petrovic,

How are you?
Sorry it took me so long to write back, i am not a frequent user of the computer as i believe i am sensitive to it. My health is good and improving gradually. I am back at work part time 20 hours per week doing quite a physically demanding job. Not many symptoms to report, but i have an awful cracking/movemnt type feeling in some of my joints. Fatigue levels are acceptable for now but as good as they were when i was healthy/on the protocol. The transport accident commission is still looking into my case, I saw an immunologist/cfs specialist regarding my case and he was very impressed of the effects on me of the protocol. He recommended that the accident commission pay for more protocol. That was 4 months ago, and i am still waiting. I hope all is well for yourself and your team there and that your great success continues, i am still spreading the word of your CURE, and will continue to do so.


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